Should Outlander stick to the original story about Claire’s rings?

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

After photos from Outlander Season 4 filming, there’s now a discussion among fans about whether a particular storyline needs changing. Should the series just stick to the original?

Outlander Season 4 continues to film and has returned to Cumbernauld Glen, giving fans the chance to meet their favorite actors. Caitriona Balfe was among the actors signing autographs and fans spotted photos of a new ring on her finger, hinting that Jamie will get her a new ring in the Colonies. However, it also hints at a particular storyline from “Drums of Autumn” changing.

Just a warning that there are spoilers in this post from the novel.

I’ve already looked into the potential changes and why they could happen. Now the debate is over to the fans. The big question is whether it should happen. Should Outlander stick to the original story about Claire’s rings?

A potential problem for Claire’s ring from Frank

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One of the biggest noted problems about Claire’s ring from Frank is that the gold band would be too plain for Brianna to recognize it. Anybody could have the band, right?

Well, gold was a metal reserved for the most wealthy, but Brianna may not think of that immediately. When she sees Stephen Bonnet with the rings, she’s been through a major ordeal. She may not have her historian head in place that the time and overlook the fact of the cost of gold.

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Jamie’s ring would be far more obvious. It’s made from the key to Lallybrock and designed in a way that certainly stands out. In the series, Claire never took the ring off, so Brianna would have always seen it. This ring would easily stand out to her and she’d know immediately that it was her mother’s.

Would an iron ring be stolen?

One theory is that Bonnet takes both rings. He’s in a rush, so wouldn’t necessarily look at the quality of the rings before taking them. He may not realize that one ring is iron. Back then, iron would have had more value than it does now, anyway, so there would be nothing stopping him from taking such a metal.

It certainly seems more likely that Bonnet would steal both rings instead of just the one. Both rings could be found together to return them to their rightful owner. After all, if Brianna recognizes one then there’s a chance that she’d believe the gold band was her mother’s too. It would make sense to change the storyline for this reason. It makes Brianna finding the rings far more believable.

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Do you think Outlander should stick to the original story? Are you annoyed at the multiple changes for creative reasons? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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