Droughtlander suggestions: Check out Silo on Apple TV+

Rebecca Ferguson in "Silo," now streaming on Apple TV+.
Rebecca Ferguson in "Silo," now streaming on Apple TV+. /

If you’re looking for something to watch during Droughtlander, Apple TV+ is a great streamer to turn to. You’ll want to check out Silo.

As we enter another Droughtlander, you’ll be looking for something new to check out. Apple TV+ is certainly a streamer worth getting. There is something for everyone, and this is where you can watch Ron D. Moore’s newest series For All Mankind.

There’s another series to check out. This is more sci-fi than fantasy and it’s set in the future rather than the past. However, it has an excellent cast, and a storyline that will draw you in and make you think. It’s also based on a book series.

What is Silo on Apple TV+ about?

The series starts off with Sheriff Holston telling his deputy that he wants to go “outside.” This isn’t something someone says lightly, and we come to find out that this is actually a death sentence. By saying those worse, he is sent outside to clean the camera.

Okay, but how is that a death sentence? This silo is thousands of feet below the ground. It houses the last of humanity while the world is a toxic wasteland. Going outside means dying as the toxic air gets into the suits and kills everyone who goes outside. This is usually a punishment for serious crimes or for those who say that they want to go outside. Most people won’t say that! Once you say it, you can’t take it back.

Sheriff Holston said it because three years earlier his wife went outside to clean. She believed that the toxic wasteland that she saw on the screens was doctored and it was actually a beautiful world outside. Is she right? Holston goes out to see.

After that, we end up following Juliette, a woman in Mechanical who becomes the next sheriff. She wants to figure out what happened to her lover, George, but she finds out that she’s stuck in a much bigger conspiracy. Can she get to the bottom of it, or will she be killed or sent out to clean too?

Why watch Silo during Droughtlander?

What makes this a series for Outlander fans? On the surface, it really isn’t. There isn’t that much of a romance within the show, although we do get to see a few couples and find out what the world is like for couples and having children.

This is more for those who want something set in a dystopian future. It’s for those who want to imagine a world in the future, and those who want to get to the bottom of a mystery. If you like shows like Snowpiercer, you’ll love this one.

It’s also based on a book. You may have even read it. Wool by Hugh Howey started off as a novella. It was self-published, and he only added to it when fans called out for more. Slowly, it gained more traction and more books were added to the story to expand the world and learn how the silo was created.

We all love seeing how Outlander is adapted. We may not like how it’s done, but we love to see what the writers do with the story that has been told. Then there are some changes that work out for the better. If you love adaptations to see your favorite characters come to life, Silo is more than worth your time.

There are a few faces that you’ll recognize, too. One of those (Rebecca Ferguson, who plays Juliette) is from a show we highly recommend during Droughtlander, The White Queen.

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Silo is available to stream on Apple TV+.