Outlander Season 7 episode 5 review: Does Young Ian have a son?

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In last week’s episode of Outlander season 7, we saw how Claire and Jamie are forced into the war, we got a proper introduction to William Ransom, and we learn that Bree and Roger did indeed buy Lallybroch and have been working to restore it.

Season 7 episode 5 titled “Singapore,” felt like a little bit of a filler episode in some ways. But, I do think it introduced a number of things that’s setting things up for what’s to come. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. But it is moving the story along at a bit of a slower pace now compared to the first few episodes. But what really stood out to me was Young Ian’s story. Props to John Bell!

Also, did anyone else notice there’s some new shots in the opening titles? They changed some of them out. Alright, time for the review! As a reminder, I am a show-only fan so my thoughts below reflect that.

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Outlander Season 7 episode 5 review

The MacKenzies missing the Frasers

This episode shows that even though years have passed since Bree, Roger, and the kids came back through the Stones, they’re still really missing the rest of their family back in the 18th century. Jemmy and Mandy are in the graveyard at Lallybroch, “speaking” with their granda. It’s so sweet to see how even though Mandy wouldn’t remember Jamie or Claire, her parents and older brother are keeping their spirit alive. I wonder if this is more Jemmy missing Jamie, or it has something to do with the mystery behind Jamie’s ghost we’ve been wondering about since season 1 (and is still an unanswered question in the books!). Brianna doesn’t know where here parents are buried, and she doesn’t want to know. And we definitely can’t blame her for that. She gets nostalgic and opens another letter, learning that her parents have made it to Fort Ticonderoga instead of their initial plan to go to Scotland (more on that below).

Bree starts her first day on the job as plant inspector, meaning she’s the boss of all the men working in the field. They’re not the nicest bunch, acting like school children these sexist bums. They lock Bree in the valve room. While that’s annoying, it does lead to some weird supernatural ringing thing that we have no explanation for right now. But I’m sure that’s going to pop up again. Speaking of things to keep our eye on – Rob Cameron. He’s probably going to be an important character as he was one of the cast members announced ahead of the season’s debut. Being the smart gal she is, Brianna finds her way out.

When she gets home, Roger comforts her and reminds her that Claire probably also had a hard time being the only woman in her classroom. It’s great to see how supportive he is and has her back. I’m loving them in this stage of their relationship, they’re so cute. But don’t worry about her. She makes her way into a pub, sets the men in line, and earns their respect. You go, Bree!

Earlier in the episode, Jemmy comes home from school and says that he got in trouble with his teacher because he was speaking in Gaelic. Excuse her. What’s wrong with Gaelic? Get out of here, girl. Roger of course also comforts his son. I have to say, Bree and Roger are the best parents. That gets Jemmy cheered up. Poor kid. I don’t think I’ve seen him smile since the family came back to the present until this episode. Side note – who in the world is leaving that garbage, and who did Jemmy and Mandy see outside!?

While Bree, like her son, has been struggling with missing her parents, we see her finally talking to her da and gives him an update on what’s happening in her life. I like how this mirrored Claire saying goodbye to Jamie at the end of season 2 on Culloden Moor when she didn’t know where his exact gravestone was either.

Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

No one listens to Jamie and Claire (smh)

As mentioned above, Claire and Jamie have been stationed at Fort Ticonderoga in the last few months. Both Jamie and Claire are unfortunately answering to idiots. No offense. A lieutenant in handling the care of the sick and injured who has no medical experience is in charge of the area. He of course doesn’t want to listen to Claire just because she’s a woman. Poor Claire and Bree are both dealing with the same thing, even while they’re in two completely different centuries. But eventually when the Hunters arrive, Denny immediately proves himself to be the good, sweet guy he is and takes Claire’s side. I can’t wait to see where this friendship goes.

While Claire gets a friend, Jamie gets the opposite. It turns out Simon Fraser, a second cousin to Lord Lovat, aka the Old Fox we met in season 2, is on the British side. But once a Highlander, always a Highlander. And Jamie knows how to think like one of course. While strategizing, he tries to warn the rebels that the British army will be able to get up onto Sugarloaf Hill. Because of the terrain, General Fermoy doesn’t think they would be able to get up there. But with a Highlander on their side, Jamie argues the opposite.

Unfortunatley the King of Men is dismissed by the French general, and he has the nerve to make fun of Highlanders, comparing them to goats. Like, excuse you. Get out of here. Later in the episode we learn that Jamie was right (obviously. When is he ever wrong?), and the general’s ego doesn’t allow him to “believe” Jamie when our favorite Scot showed him soldiers could indeed get up there and fire a canon. He also didn’t admit that Jamie warned them about this when they’re eventually ambushed. What a coward. Because of his stupidity, everyone has to leave the fort. Good going Fermoy. This gave me flashbacks to the Jacobite Rising. For the love of god people listen to Jamie and Claire.

Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

William and The Hunters

William and the Hunters are making their way over to join the war, but while on the road they come across a seemingly friendly man who tells them they’ve been traveling the wrong way. He offers his home to the trio so they can get back on the road the next day. William, Denny, and Izzy accept the offer, while only having a rodent stew to eat. Ew. The man and his wife have had everything taken from them, including their farm animals, by people on both sides of the war. At least that’s what he tells them.

The stew does nothing good on William’s stomach, and he wakes up in pain. And thank god he did! The man was about to kill them all in their sleep while he and his wife take whatever valuables are on them. Turns out these two are 18th century serial killers, having done this before. What I’m not clear on is whether they do this because they have a weird, psychological need to do so or if it’s to show the hardships and effects war has had on those who aren’t fighting on the battlefield.

Either way, this was an important event to happen for all three characters. We saw that even though this horrible event happened, Denny and Rachel stuck to their morals and refused to kill the wife or even punch her. They waited until William was done fighting the husband and he knocks her out. For the Lord of Ellesmere, this was actually the first time he’s ever killed someone. What is he going to do on the battlefield? William is already getting a sense of what war really entails before the fight has even begun.

Outlander season 7 on Starz
Outlander season 7 on Starz /

Does Young Ian have a son?

While a lot happened this episode, the most interesting part of it for me was Young Ian’s story. When he makes it to Fort Ticonderoga, he’s asked to visit the Mohawk Village where he used to live in with Wakyo’teyehsnonhsa (his wife Emily). The place holds a lot of painful memories, but also many great ones. This is the place and the people that made him who he is today. Before he goes, Ian asks Claire if there’s something wrong with his spirit, blaming himself for not being able to have children with Emily. But when Claire reassures him, and even tells him she’s sure he’ll have children one day, the look on his face is everything. Give John Bell all the awards please. I love these Claire and Young Ian moments. And our favorite doctor always knows how to comfort someone!

He makes his way there and honestly, I thought this was just going to be a way for Ian to finally face his past and find some closure. Perhaps move on with Rachel Hunter. You know, the girl he’s been making eyes at. Just to change the subject for a second – I know the show has been teasing an Ian, Rachel, and William love triangle. Rachel does have a sort of friendship, kindness, and playfulness with William. But to be honest from what I see so far, the sparks are so much brighter between her and Ian. Like the looks those two give each other? Stop, they’re adorable.

Ok, back to the Mohawk Village. While I think by the end of the scene we do see that he finds some kind of closure, there’s another shocking surprise! Ian meets a cute little guy named Swiftest of Lizards, aka Emily’s son. But he definitely looks like he could be Ian’s. Plus, his grandmother tells him that he and Ian are from the same spirit. Emily even allows Ian to give Swiftest of Lizards a name from Ian’s people – Ian James – knowing one day he might walk among them. So oh my goodness, Young Ian has a son!? I really did not see that coming! It’s clear he doesn’t want to disrupt Emily or the young boy’s life. But I do also think Ian took this very well. No one bothered to tell him? And just like Jamie, he now has a son out there that he can’t claim. Very interesting. I’m sure this will come up again. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.

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