Outlander Season 7 episode 4 review: Introducing William Ransom

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We’ve already reached Outlander Season 7, episode 4. Where has the time gone? This season is going by so fast and already so much has happened story wise! And there’s certainly more to come. We get some of that in “A Most Uncomfortable Woman.”

I’m loving Brianna and Roger’s storyline in the present timeline, we see how Jamie (and Claire) are forced into fighting in the war, and the episode really focuses on an adult William Ransom that we’ve been waiting to see for since his introduction in the second episode. Let’s jump into the review! As a reminder, I am a show-only fan so my thoughts below reflect that.

Outlander season 7
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Outlander Season 7 episode 4 review

Jamie and Claire are forced into the war

First off we need to talk about how cute these two are. I mean, they always are! But Jamie and Claire were too adorable talking about fresh fruit and teasing each other and just being playful overall throughout the episode. This is the content I’m here for. Honestly, I don’t know how Young Ian has been able to travel with them being all lovey dovey. We love it, but I don’t know how much Ian does.

Another completely shocking and funny part of the episode is when Claire runs into Tom Christie in Wilmington. OMG! I was not expecting Tom to just grab Claire and kiss her like that. Caitríona’s face said it all, I love how the two actors played that scene. It turns out Tom actually wrote in Jamie and Claire’s obituary, thinking they died from the fire at the Big House on Fraser’s Ridge. When Tom asks whether Jamie is still alive and Claire confirms he is, Tom says he’s glad to hear that. Honestly though, his face says the opposite lol.

So how did Tom get out of imprisonment? Governor Martin needed a secretary until the official one arrived. With Tom being able to read and write, he used his skills. Then, when the official secretary made it, there was no one to turn Tom to due to the unrest happening with the oncoming revolution. Claire doesn’t tell Tom the truth about what happened to Allan and it was really interesting to see so much emotion come from such a former stoic man. I still don’t excuse most of his behavior, but I think we’ve reached a point with this complicated character where we can feel some sympathy for him. He, and basically everyone, knows that Claire will never return his feelings. And now, there’s no one but him left in his family.

One of the most dramatic parts of the episode is Jamie’s run in with Cornelius Harnett, the head of the Sons of Liberty. They need more people to head to Fort Ticonderoga to fight in the war, and Harnett knows Jamie is the best person for the job. He kind of twists his arm and that’s how the King of Men gets roped into heading into yet another battle. And Claire of course is going to be right by his side. As well as Ian!

Outlander season 7
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Introducing William Ransom

In episode 4 we really get a proper introduction to the highly-anticipated adult William Ransom versus the quick glimpse we got in the second episode! A lot of time is spent with the Earl of Ellesmere, and we’re definitely here for it. Just look at how handsome he looks in his uniform. I feel like a proud mom. The first scene with William is with his cousin he’s grown up with having had too much to drink and his stomach letting him know that’s the case. We see the kind of man William is when he stands up to his fellow officers after they treat a prostitute horrendously and end up burning her. William is disgusted by their actions and we see some of Jamie’s fire in him.

His actions gain the attention of those higher in command and he’s tasked with delivering letters to three people – Samuel Cartwright, Henry Carver, and Joshua Harrington. As he journeys to do what he’s been asked, William’s horse gets spooked by a snake and he takes a very nasty fall with a branch getting stuck in his arm. Thankfully, his cousin comes to his rescue! But it’s not the same one we saw earlier.

Ian first heads to Virginia to see if he can persuade some of the Native Americans to join the war before joining Jamie and Claire in Fort Ticonderoga. And who does he happen to run into on his way to do that? William of course! It was interesting to see the contrast of William with two of his cousins in this episode. The first is the one he grew up with and knows, the second is the one he doesn’t even know he’s related to but took such great care of him.

Outlander season 7
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Meet the Hunters

While Ian tries to heal William as much as he can, his cousin needs more help to survive. That’s when they come across Rachel and Denzell Hunter, and these two are bada**! There’s no other way to describe the brother and sister duo. They are trained and know what to do.

As they’re planning to help in the war effort, which causes them to somewhat be exiled from their community, I’m assuming the two are going to cross paths with Jamie and Claire. And I can’t wait to see the fellow healers meet our favorite doctor! Plus, they know who Samuel Cartwright is which benefits William very well. Also, I am already swooning at the sparks that immediately flew between Rachel and Ian! That chemistry is there. But unfortunately in all seriousness, the time has come to officially fight. The American Revolution is here.

Outlander season 7
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Brianna and Roger are trying to restore Lallybroch

In the present timeline, we have another time jump to 1980. It’s been two years since Bree and Roger came back and found the box of letters from Jamie and Claire. During this time, they’ve been working to restore Lallybroch so they can make it their new home. I love how even if they’re separated through time, there’s still a way for Bree and Roger to stay connected to their family. But unfortunately, restoring the beautiful building comes at a hefty cost and they’re running out of savings. Roger discovers the little musket ball they found in the box of letters is actually gold. Hmm. Also, I do want to mention that these two parents certainly have their hands full with the wee ones!

Roger is writing a book about he and Bree’s experience so one day, Jemmy and Mandy will understand where they come from. It’s interesting that they still haven’t asked Jemmy about that hiding spot Jamie mentioned in his letters. Plus, the young boy talked a lot about mythical creatures in this episode. And if there’s anything we know about television and Outlander, it’s that things aren’t mentioned for no reason.

Brianna wants to start working and goes in for a job interview for a plant inspector position. She is absolutely amazing and takes down that arrogant and sexist boss of hers down. With her words, not physically. But she could definitely take him in a fight too. That’s our girl! She tells him off and when she said that particular line, I burst out laughing. If you know, you know. When she gets home to tell Roger the good news that she’s been hired, her husband isn’t too pleased. He feels like he’s not keeping his promise to Jamie and Claire to take care of Bree and the kids as he’s not the “breadwinner” right now. He’s also lost his passion for being a pastor. But, the couple talk it out and he really is happy for his wife. I do have to say, I’m really enjoying this storyline for Bree and Roger. No offense, but it’s the most I’ve been interested when it comes to their characters.

Bonus shout-outs

  • Jamie comforts Ian as he’s being haunted by Arch Bug’s threat. It was a quick scene, but very important. I always love seeing these uncle and nephew moments.
  • Everything about Brianna’s look in the present. is on point From the hair to the outfits. It’s perfection.

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