Outlander Season 7 episode 6 review: Claire meets William (again)!

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Last week’s episode of Outlander Season 7 saw the toll of being separated from their family is taking on Bree and the kids, people in this war not listening to Jamie and Claire even though they should, and the shocking revelation that Young Ian has a son! I’m still not over this surprise reveal. I wonder where the story with this is going to go in the future.

This week we’re back with Season 7 episode 6, “Where the Waters Meet.” We have our favorite uncle and nephew team on a rescue mission once again, two characters finally crossing paths, and perhaps Roger has once again found his calling. I really enjoyed this episode for each of the characters’ stories. Let’s get into the review! As a reminder, I am a show-only fan so my thoughts below reflect that.

Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Outlander Season 7 episode 6 review

Jamie and Ian rescue mission 2.0

After having to escape the fort by the end of episode 5, the group is able to get to somewhat of safety in the boats that Jamie set up. When British soldiers pretend to be Native Americans the group splits up, including Jamie and Claire. Why do they ever do this? Literally something bad happens every time these two aren’t together. Have we learned nothing by now? The nervous Mrs. Raven we met last week continues to shake in fear the poor thing. Unfortunately it’s too much for her to handle and she shoots herself. Claire notices she’s missing and goes looking for her, and of course manages to get herself taken as she usually does.

But have no fear, Jamie and Young Ian are here! They’re going to rescue Claire who’s been taken prisoner by the British army. It was soldiers who found her. While Jamie really wants to be the one to go into the camp and get his wife back, Ian urges his uncle to let him go instead. The Mohawk have aligned themselves with the British, so he’ll blend right in. Isn’t Ian just the best? Jamie reluctantly agrees but borrows Ian’s bow.

Ian successfully makes it into the camp and meets up with Claire. As he tries to explain what the plan is for them to get the heck out of there, William sees the cousin he doesn’t know about. He’s such a cutie, thanking Ian once again for saving his life. But just as sweet as William is, he’s also very smart and observant. He remembers Ian telling him that he lives on Fraser’s Ridge and that Jamie is his uncle. Busted. He goes from sweet to rightfully cautious and angry at Ian trying to take away Claire who is a British prisoner at the moment. William offers to let Ian go, as a sign of a life for a life. But Ian isn’t leaving without his auntie. Jamie provides a distraction by firing, um, fire (sorry don’t know how else to phrase this?) which is a success. Those shots looked so cool! William lets them go since he remembers Claire saving Lord John’s life back in season 4. But he does warn Ian, this won’t happen again if they cross paths.

Jamie and Claire have another one of their sweet reunion moments, and you can see how guilty Claire feels for leaving her patients. These characters go through so much, it’s nice to see those little moments of them being human and reacting how anyone else would. The trio catches up to the army and the rest of the refugees. And while Jamie’s enlistment is almost over, Scotland is still going to have to wait a bit longer. More on that below.

Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Claire meets William (again)

Gah! It’s so frustrating that William is like one step behind Jamie. The King of Men was literally just at the fort, and that’s when William decides to show up. Oh my goodness, they are really drawing out the two reuniting. The Earl of Ellesmere shows up and speaks with Simon Fraser. If you remember he’s a cousin of Jamie’s but is on the British side. Again, it’s so interesting to see William talking to a relative of his, though he doesn’t even know this is family. When he meets with Captain Richardson, it turns out those letters the lieutenant was tasked with delivering were actually to rebels. But, they’re spies for the British. Hmm, they got lost when the horse ran off. Are they going to fall into the wrong hands? When he thought he blew it with the captain, you could see it on William’s face how eager and desperate he is to prove himself. Charles Vandervaart played that very well!

Alright, so remember when Claire was captured by the British? Well, in her time there she takes charge and begins to take care of those who are sick and injured. One of them is Walter, who we met last episode. Unfortunately, this sweet soul doesn’t make it. RIP Walter. Why does the show always introduce sweet side characters I get attached to, then take them away? But before he passed, Claire was doing all she could to help him and the others imprisoned. I love how Claire just opens the “prison” gate door they’re in and walks out of it like she owns the place. Hell hath no fury like a doctor scorned, my friends.

We see a soldier pass and he doesn’t turn around when she calls for him. But I knew it right then and there it was going to be William when it took a while for them to show us his face. William gets a whole lot of Claire, demanding for supplies and food for the prisoners. She doesn’t recognize him since it’s been a few years and he’s an adult now, but he remembers her. And when he introduces himself – omg my heart, you guys. I screamt! She just melts and I along with her. William is such a sweetie and you can see the kindness in him. He tries to help Claire as much as he can, and he sticks to his word.

Later when Claire is safe in Jamie’s arms once again, he asks her to tell him about his son. It’s a beautiful moment when the two of them are discussing William. She tells him he’s thoughtful, observant, stubborn, clearly a man of honor, and she could see the same kindness in his eyes that Jamie has. But also the fierceness of a Highlander underneath it all. And she’s definitely right!

Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Roger returns to his roots

Remember that horrible teacher who pulled Jemmy’s ear in last week’s episode? Well, Roger goes down to the school to speak with the principal about the matter. Turns out our little Jeremiah called his teacher a colorful phrase. I love how Roger could barely keep it together, and blamed Jamie for teaching his son to say something like that in Gaelic. This former teacher’s passion about keeping the Scottish culture alive comes as a blessing for the principal, who’s been looking for someone to run a Gaelic class.

So, Roger is somewhat of a teacher once again! He’s definitely a natural when he runs the class. And we love to see him rocking a kilt. No offense, but this fits him so much better than being a preacher. Rob Cameron is apparently there with his nephew. Ok. Roger’s book that he’s been writing about all the time-travel stuff accidentally made it into Rob’s hands at the class when hymns were being passed around. And he read it. The book must have mistakenly gotten into Roger’s bag when Bree was hurriedly putting his things away because he was running late to the class. Why do I feel like that’s going to have consequences down the line? Plus, I don’t know. There’s something sus about this man.

Also something that’s important that I think will come up again is the fact that Roger and Bree come up with a “working hypothesis,” as engineer Bree likes to call it, that the weird supernatural ringing she experienced in the tunnel at the dam site is because it has a connection to the infamous Standing Stones. Their theory is that they know there is a ley line from the Achavanich Standing Stones to the Standing Stones at Craigh na Dun. And that same lines continues down from the Craigh na Dun location to the dam site. And they connect to create a sort of portal, which is how certain people can time-travel through the Stones. I agree with Roger, it’s a great working hypothesis!

Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Other items of note: Buck MacKenzie is where now!?

  • Umm, what in the world is Buck MacKenzie doing in the present? Why did he travel through the Stones? So many questions! So this is the “Nuckelavee” that’s been scaring the kids and leaving garbage around the property. Interesting, interesting.
  • Ian and Rachel’s slowburn is just what my shipper heart needs. I’m loving it. Even though in the last episode Ian got a very big surprise, I still feel like he found some closure he was looking for and it’s clear he’s ready to move on. With one Rachel Hunter. The big crush he has on her is so sweet. These two making eyes at each other is everything.
  • Commander Daniel Morgan is introduced. In real-life, Morgan was an pioneer, soldier, and politician from Virginia. He asks Jamie to join him as a rifleman, aka a sniper, and Jamie chooses to stay even though his enlistment is almost finished. Oh Jamie. Why must you always get yourself tangled up in these wars? Scotland is still going to have to wait.

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