25 Days of MacBree-mas Day 4: A spotlight on Bree and intimacy in Outlander Season 5

Outlander Season 5 will see Brianna continue to deal with PTSD after Stephen Bonnet. Just how will she react to intimacy with Roger?

Brianna went through an ordeal that many women of the time would have gone through in Outlander Season 4. That doesn’t mean she should just accept it. Time is needed to deal with rape, and we all react differently in the aftermath. Season 5 is going to see her deal with her PTSD.

At the end of the fourth season, she had the chance to confront Stephen Bonnet. While she told him her child was his (she was sure it would be), she also made it clear that he would never be known. She would never tell her child of his potentially biological father, which scared the living daylights out of him considering he was sentenced to hang for other crimes.

After gaining the courage to move on from him, she believed he had died in the explosion. With his death came that sense of freedom. There was no way that Bonnet could possibly escape and he wouldn’t end up coming back for her.

However, Season 5 is going to see her learn that’s not the case. During “Providence,” we saw Bonnet reaching for a dropped set of keys. There was a chance he got out before the explosion, something Brianna and Lord John Grey didn’t see.

Bonnet’s escape from jail is different in “The Fiery Cross,” but the outcome is the same. Brianna struggles with the knowledge that her rapist is still out there. He could come after her. More importantly, he could come to claim their child and force her into marriage (that’s going to be much harder when she’s married to Roger, but there’s still the chance he could come for Jemmy).

And it’s not just that. Brianna will struggle with intimacy with Roger, and that’s understandable. After being violated, is she really going to want someone else to touch her? Even if it’s someone she loves and trusts?

We’ve seen her dreams in Season 4. She’s worried that Bonnet will be back to rape her again. It’s understandable that she’s going to struggle with intimacy until she deals with the mental effect the rape has had on her.

The series keeping this storyline in will offer some excellent chances for development between Brianna and Roger. We’ll have the chance to see Roger be a supportive, caring man, as he helps her deal with the PTSD and everything that comes from learning Bonnet is still alive.

What are you hoping to see included for Brianna and Roger in Outlander Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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