Outlander Season 7B: Will Chris Fulton return as Rob Cameron?

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Eyes are on characters who may or may not return for Outlander Season 7B. What about Rob Cameron? Will Chris Fulton be back?

Outlander Season 7A introduced us to a new character. Chris Fulton joined the series as Rob Cameron, a man who clearly didn’t initially want Brianna as his boss. However, he quickly made friends with her, and Roger and Buck certainly thought he had eyes for her.

It turns out that Rob was hanging around the MacKenzies for another reason. It looks like he wanted the gold that is buried with “the Spaniard” and only Jem knows where that is. So, he took Jem and it looks like they’ve gone through the stones.

Roger and Buck are on the way to the past to get them back. Will we see Rob Cameron turn up again?

Expect more of Rob Cameron in Outlander Season 7B

We will likely see more of this man. After all, he turns up in the books again. Him taking Jem through the stones isn’t the last that we see of him.

In fact, Rob’s actions helped to get Roger and Buck out of the way. In the books, we learn that Rob never went through the stones with Jemmy. Instead, the boy is trapped in the tunnels and Rob is heading back to Lallybroch. He wants something else, and part of it is Brianna.

This leads to Bree needing to find a way to keep her family safe. With Roger in the past and no way to get a message to him, Bree decided to get the children out of Scotland and figure out where (and when) her husband was. She could then get back to him and they could figure out what to do next.

So, if the show is going to follow the books with this whole storyline, we do expect to see Chris Fulton return as Rob Cameron in Outlander Season 7B.

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