3 characters who definitely won’t return in Outlander Season 7B

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

We are more than ready for Outlander Season 7B. It’s time to look at who definitely won’t return for the second half of the season.

Not all characters will return to Outlander. Some of the decisions have been made due to the book storylines. Others are due to actors not being available to film the episodes. The second half of Outlander Season 7 is already filmed in full, and now we’re just waiting for post-production to finish.

In some good news, we know that the series will arrive in 2024. This wasn’t a show affected by the strike action in Hollywood. At least, Outlander Season 7B wasn’t. The eighth season was affected by the WGA strike.

So, who won’t we get to see return in the eight episodes remaining of Outlander Season 7? Here’s what we know.

3 characters who won’t be in Outlander Season 7B

Marsali and Fergus

Yes, I’m cheating right from the start. We have two characters included in one part, but that’s because the two characters are together. If there isn’t one, it would be hard to say why the other would be in the story.

Maril Davis has confirmed that Marsali and Fergus will not be in any of Outlander Season 7. Could they be in Season 8? With some hope, we’ll get something of them in the final season.

Their lack of inclusion is due to scheduling conflicts. It’s not that the show doesn’t want to keep that part of the story in.

Murdina Bug

Arch and Murdina Bug have been side characters since Outlander Season 5. Things came to a head with them in the seventh season. It turned out that the two had stolen the French gold from Jocasta and hid it under the house. They were moving it to another hiding place. Of course, the fire at the Big House changed everything, and they were found out.

Young Ian killed Murdina Bug. This has led to a revenge storyline for Arch, so while we’ll see one Bug, we don’t see the other. Rachel better watch her back.

Unless Outlander wants another ghost storyline, I can’t see how Murdina will be back.

Wendigo Donner

The story of another time travel has come to an end. Wendigo Donner headed to the Big House to get some gemstones so that he could go back home. Some ether ended up being knocked over, leading to many of Wendigo’s men collapsing. Wendigo had a match in his hands just as the fumes spread around the house.

Jamie got everyone else out, but Wendigo perished in the explosion at the house. Like with Murdina, the show would need to go through another ghost storyline to bring him back. He doesn’t come up in the books again, so that storyline is done.

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