Will Dottie be in Outlander Season 7B?

There were some characters who couldn’t be in Outlander Season 7A. What about in Outlander Season 7B? Will we meet Dottie Grey?

Rachel isn’t the only Hunter who meets someone in the Outlander books. Denny Hunter falls for Dottie Grey, the daughter of Hal Grey and the niece of Lord John Grey. Many fans have been waiting for this feisty young woman turn up, but she wasn’t in the first half of the season.

Is it possible that she’ll turn up in the second half? There may be some bad news about this character.

Dottie may not be in Outlander Season 7B

It’s hard to say whether characters will or won’t definitely show up. That’s especially the case when it comes to the book storylines that haven’t had a chance to play out yet.

However, Maril Davis did share that there was a Dottie storyline that she wanted to see happen but couldn’t. That may have just been in the first half of the season, or she may be talking about the whole of the season. That’s not entirely clear, but it does sound like we shouldn’t expect to meet Dottie.

This would make sense for the TV series. There are just eight episodes in Outlander Season 7B. Then there are just 10 episodes left of the series. At one point, Maril Davis and co. feared that Outlander Season 7 would be the last, so storylines would have been adapted to keep as few new characters out of it as possible. Only the most important ones needed to come up.

Dottie plays a big role in Lord John Grey’s storylines in the books. We haven’t had them play out in the series, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see a change as we get closer to the end of the TV series.

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