25 Days of MacBree-mas Day 3: What Outlander Season 3 could have changed for Brianna and Roger

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

Brianna and Roger’s relationship hasn’t yet seen the development that it needs. This all started with Outlander Season 3 and a decision halfway through.

One of the complaints about Brianna and Roger’s relationship is that the two don’t seem to have the chemistry. There’s not been the development needed to believe that they are at the stage of the relationship they are in. And part of that comes from Outlander Season 3.

Please note that this is only the TV show. The books have had much more time to develop the relationship between the two.

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The biggest issue with Outlander Season 3 was the decision to end Brianna and Roger’s storyline halfway through. We picked back up with them in Season 4, and we saw a time jump for that to happen. That left a lot of things unsaid and unseen.

While we got a chance to see the two together in parts, their storyline had to be rushed in the third season. Pretty much each time we saw them together they’d have an argument that would separate them. Time is the issue here, because the writers needed to fit so much into such a short space of time.

If the writers had utilized a little of Season 3 for Brianna and Roger’s relationship, we could have seen a lot of benefits. There would have been time to see the two courting each other. There could have been time to see them visit each other without their visits ending in arguments. We could have seen their feelings for one another grow.

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The TV show doesn’t have the benefit of the books by using narration within the dialogue. We don’t get to know what the characters are thinking without them outright stating those thoughts. Because of that, more time has been needed to fully believe in Bree and Roger’s relationship.

Hopefully, Season 5 will offer more time for that. Now that the two are together at Fraser’s Ridge (yes, there’s a particular storyline that I’m not looking forward to but that shouldn’t happen right away), there’s a chance that the two can form a realistic bond instead of leaving too much time between the scenes to the imagination.

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What did you think if Season 3’s lack of focus on Brianna and Roger? Did you need to see more to believe their relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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