Reassessing the Outlander Season 3 ranking

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After revisiting all the episodes in Outlander Season 3, it’s time to reassess the ranking I initially gave it. Do the episodes still sit where they did at the end of the third season?

At the end of every season of a show, I like to look back at the episodes and rank them. Outlander Season 3 was no different. I took the time to look back at each of the 13 episodes and ranked them from worst to best–well, from least favorite to favorite.

Now that I’ve revisited each of the episodes in recaps, it’s time to look back over at the ranking. Do the episodes still sit where they did more than six months ago?

What’s changed in the space of six months? Well, I’ve not had a chance to look through everything the writers and showrunners have said. I’ve binged the season to see how the episodes fall in line with each other and how they connect.

As a whole, the ranking remains the same. My least favorite remains my least favorite. My favorite remains my favorite. Very few changes have happened in the middle. But there are a few because of a deeper understanding or because I’ve seen the way the storylines fit together better.

So, here’s a look at the new Outlander Season 3 ranking.

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