Outlander Season 5 will include an episode that makes you cry

Outlander -- Photo credit: Outlander/STARZ -- Acquired via TV Time
Outlander -- Photo credit: Outlander/STARZ -- Acquired via TV Time /

Get the tissues ready. Outlander Season 5 is going to have an episode that will make you cry. At least, that’s what Matt B. Roberts teases.

It wouldn’t be Outlander without some tear-jerking moments, right? Well, it sounds like there’s going to be one episode where you definitely need to get the tissues ready. Matt B. Roberts did a short Droughtlander Q&A on Twitter over the weekend, and part of that was a tease of what’s to come in Season 5.

One fan shared that she was looking forward to the season based on Diana Gabaldon’s positivity about the season. That sparked a response mentioning that the screening of an episode brought everyone to tears. He didn’t share which episode (and made it clear he wouldn’t give anything away), but in a followup question about whether they were “tears of joys or heartbreak,” he sais “yes.”

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Fans naturally have their suspicions about which episode will bring everyone to tears. Those who have read “The Fiery Cross” are already getting ready for an episode that is sure to bring a mixture of emotions. Without giving away too many spoilers, Roger isn’t going to have an easy ride in Season 5. If you thought running the gauntlet and being trapped in “the idiot hut” was hard for him, wait until you see what’s in store partway through the fifth season.

While sharing the tease of tears, Roberts also confirmed that preparation for the final season has begun. This will be the final two episodes of the season. It will be exciting to see the finished product in February.

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What are you excited to see in Season 5? What do you think the emotional scene is going to be? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 will premiere on Feb. 16 on STARZ.