Will Outlander add Emily into Season 5 and beyond?

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

Young Ian’s storyline at the end of Drums of Autumn worked out a little different than in Outlander Season 4. Emily was introduced as a way to encourage him to trade himself for Roger. Will she be introduced in Season 5 or beyond?

In Outlander Season 4, the writers had to condense the Mohawk storyline with the Frasers considerably. Characters were missing and the reason Young Ian traded himself for Roger was done for very different reasons. One person cut out of the story who was in “Drums of Autumn” was Emily. Will she appear in Season 5 or beyond?

For those who haven’t read the novels, there are some minor spoilers in this post for Young Ian’s storyline in the novels. It’s hard to avoid them without explaining who Emily is and why she’s so important.

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It’s possible that the show will keep her out of the series. After all, her most important moment was linked to Young Ian’s decision to trade himself for Roger. She would become his wife and, while part of him wanted to join the tribe because of his interest in the Native culture, his interest in her would lead to him offering himself to the tribe.

Rather than show Emily on the screen, she may just end up being mentioned. However, there may be the use of flashbacks or even Outlander Untold segments for the Season 5 DVD release. There’s no need to bring Emily in until Young Ian returns to Fraser’s Ridge, as it’s their Rhesus status clashing that causes the tribe to suggest that Ian leaves them.

The only real time we’d need to see Emily is if the show decided to give us some of Young Ian’s storyline with the Mohawks. This likely won’t be the case — and I’m sure there are many fans who wouldn’t want it to be the case. With only 12 episodes to Season 5 and so much book to cover, many fans want to see the show stick to the main storylines.

So, we’ll likely not see Emily. She’ll probably just be mentioned and that’s if the show keeps the same name.

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Did you miss the use of Emily to bring Young Ian into the fold in Outlander Season 4? Would you like to see her in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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