Is Outlander Season 4 cutting out Pollyanne completely? [Book spoilers]

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When Claire and Jamie are at River Run in Drums of Autumn, they meet a female slave called Pollyanne. Is this not going to be the case in Outlander Season 4?

There are a lot of changes to Diana Gabaldon’s novels due to time and money. It’s possible that the series has had to make one huge change that cuts out a whole character. And this is going to have a knock-on effect for another in Outlander Season 4.

Just a warning, there are spoilers from the books up to “Drums of Autumn” in this post. If you haven’t read the books and you don’t want to know the spoilers, this isn’t for you. Can I interest you in Claire’s best moments from Outlander Season 4, Episode 2 instead?

But if you’re still here, you know about Pollyanne and you’re curious like I am about whether she’s being completely cut from the story. Pollyanne is a female slave who was accused of murdering a white woman. It turns out to be a big conspiracy, but as a slave it was always easier to pin the blame on her.

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Claire and Jamie help her escape the plantation to a Native Tribe. John Quincy Myers helps the Frasers escape with Pollyanne and along the way the two form a budding friendship that turns into a relationship.

And this is where the change has a knock-on effect. The show has already changed John Quincy’s storyline, likely due to timing. Pollyanne wasn’t even mentioned while at River Run and the Frasers will head off in the next episode — again, due to timing. So, that means there’s no Pollyanne to get out of the place and no Pollyanne for John Quincy to help escape.

It’s going to be interesting to see why John Quincy helps the Frasers now. He did originally because Claire performed surgery on him but he doesn’t have that excuse now. His whole future storyline will have to change.

Granted, the two don’t play a huge part, but I know for sure there are some people who will be mightly disappointed by the change. It’s really is just part and parcel of a book adaptation, though.

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Do you worry Pollyanne will be completely cut from Outlander Season 4? What do you think will happen in John Quincy’s storyline instead? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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