New Outlander Season 4 promo photo steals the hearts of fans

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Starz released another official Outlander Season 4 promo photo yesterday. It instantly stole the hearts of the fans.

In case you’re still struggling to get through Droughtlander, Starz has released another Outlander Season 4 promo photo. This time it’s one with Jamie and Young Ian, both dressed in 18th-century Colonial clothing, clearing working together at some point in the season. They look happy and healthy in the photo, which is a far cry from the events in Season 3.

Fans instantly commented on the released photo on Twitter, with many praising the decision to use the uncle/nephew promo photo and others praising the hard work put into the set.

The best uncle/nephew in TV land

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Quite honestly, Outlander does have the best uncle/nephew duo out there. Jamie looks out for Young Ian, admitting that sometimes he’s been wrong in the way he’s tried to help this young boy. When it came to Young Ian getting kidnapped by pirates, Jamie instantly set to work on saving him. There was that beautiful moment outside the cave when Young Ian just cried and hugged his uncle.

It’s good to see that there will be more focus on this relationship in Outlander Season 4. Those who haven’t read the books may have been worried about the next storylines coming, but this photo shows that the two are happy. This relationship is going to continue.

Beautiful, realistic set and clothing

One thing is for certain for Season 4: the sets are going to be amazing. Jon Gary Steele never ceases to amaze the Sassanaches (the name given to the Outlander fandom), as he brings the 18th century to life. Transforming modern day Scotland into Colonial America wouldn’t have been easy, but the set looks like it was effortless. It’s a true testament to his abilities.

Then there’s the clothing. Well, the hats and pants. Terry Dresbach is the mastermind behind the outfits. We’ve already seen the odd item of clothing, but this photo brings to light the work and attention to detail she does to make the costumes look like they belong. The main focus of this photo was for the set but some fans have pointed out the coats, which are just warmup coats and the clothing is underneath!

Both costumes and set together make it clear just why Outlander costs so much to produce. But it’s all worth it in the end!

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