Terry Dresbach joins Outlander showrunner in disappointment about spoilers

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Matthew B. Roberts isn’t the only member of the Outlander crew disappointed about fans being spoiled. The costume designer weighs in too.

Many fans yesterday spotted Sophie Skelton in a beautiful coat while filming in Dunure. I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I just thought it was Skelton’s coat, but it turns out it’s a costume for Outlander Season 4. The woman behind the beautiful coat, Terry Dresbach, stated on Twitter that she wasn’t happy the photos were out. It’s ruined the surprise for fans.

Dresbach warned fans to stay away from fan sites over the next few days, as they’d likely share the photos too. She joined showrunner Matthew B. Roberts in her disappointment that photos are being leaked and spoilers are being shared. Likening it to sneaking a peek at your Christmas presents before the big day, she says the surprise is gone and that can’t come back.

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Personally, had she not said anything, I wouldn’t have realized it was part of the Outlander costume. Quite honestly, I just thought it was a coat to keep Skelton warm during filming. Even though some publications had noted that it was a costume, I just assumed they’d jumped to that conclusion themselves. Dresbach confirming it was a costume has actually led to the spoiler for me.

Fans were also quick to point out that it’s not quite ruined everything. Part of the surprise is seeing it all on film. The photos aren’t the best quality, so don’t give the beautiful costume away in full. There’s still a chance to surprise those who have seen it with the rest of the artwork, costumes, and setting of the series.

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However, Dresbach certainly has a point. Once you see the coat (and realize that it’s actually a costume) then you can’t unsee it. It’s like in a courtroom when you hear a comment that’s then objected (and sustained). The jury has still heard it and will remember it, regardless of it supposedly being disregarded. When you get a sneak at your Christmas presents, you can’t be surprised upon opening at Christmas Day.

This complaint about spoilers does also bring back up the subject of spoilers while filming. It’s impossible to stop people from taking photos of sets. Fans are flocking to the filming locations to get glimpses of their favorite stars. The only way to control it all is to make all the sets entirely closed, and is that realistic on public land? Is it possible to prevent people with cameras from being around?

Some of the photos were taken extremely close to where filming was taken place. This would suggest someone who was within the set took the photos and posted them on Twitter. It’s a conversation to have with those privy to the spoilery information to avoid the photos leaking.

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Were you spoiled by the images available of Skelton? Did you realize the coat was actually a costume? Do you like spoilers during filming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.