Outlander recap: Claire has to use her penicillin again

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Claire and Jamie were finally reunited again, in an Outlander episode that tested faith, sanity, and modern-day medicine.

When Claire took the leap of faith in the last Outlander episode, she had no idea where she would end up. In the end, she drifted in the water and was washed onto a large island; telling her she wasn’t where she hoped or thought she would be. All she knew was the rule of three 3s. She could survive three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food. Water was her current priority.

Claire stumbles across a priest

Hoping to run into a village or port, Claire made her way inland. However, that meant a jungle of insects, snakes, and possibly pirates. After being bitten to shreds on her legs by insects the first night and waking the next day to a snake slithering over her, Claire finally stumbled across a priest.

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The priest took her in and helped her back to her feet. This was despite the disapproval of the grumpy woman living with him. It turned out the priest, Father Fogden, was a former British citizen who had met and fallen in love with a woman. They married and ran away, bringing his lover’s mother with them. That grumpy woman living with Father Fogden is his mother-in-law and she feared that Claire would replace her daughter’s place in Fogden’s heart.

That would never happen, especially with Jamie still alive. All Claire wants to do is leave the home and get to Jamaica to warn Jamie of the Porpoise captain’s information.

Claire and Jamie reunite

The next morning. Claire devises a plan. The priest likes to talk to a coconut shell he’s called Coco, so Claire decides to talk to Coco loud enough for him to hear. If she can convince Coco agrees the trip to Jamaica is safe to make, she can convince Fogden to take her.

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There’s no need for that, though. Fogden’s mother-in-law comes to the house screaming about Arabella. A Chinese man spit roasted Arabella the goat and ate her. Claire realizes that Jamie’s ship has run ashore and she races through the jungle to get to him, cutting her arm on a branch as she does so.

It turns out the Artemis had taken damage and some of the men, including Captain Raines, had died. They took to land to repair the damage. As they’re putting the mast back up, Claire reaches the beach. All she can do is use a mirror she took from Father Fogden in hope that she’ll get Jamie’s attention. It works and the two are reunited, although not without a couple of the crewmen commenting about how Claire shows up in the most unlikely and strangest of places.

With the two reunited, Jamie admits that he gave Fergus and Marsali his blessing and he wants a fun event for the crew. It’s time for a wedding!


Fergus finds a family

As Marsali gets ready for her wedding, Claire helps and has a heart-to-heart. Marsali is worried that she won’t have a relationship like Jamie and Claire and that she’ll end up pregnant. Claire promises that she will help make sure her nights with Fergus are pleasurable and that she avoids pregnancy until she is ready for a baby. Maybe Claire isn’t the devil after all.

At the wedding. Father Fogden needs their names. Marsali Joan MacKimmie has no problem, but Fergus realizes that he doesn’t have a surname. There’s a sadness on his face, as it’s one of the first times he admits that he doesn’t really belong anywhere. That is until Jamie tells Fergus that he’s a Fraser, Fergus Claudel Fraser. It’s been known unofficially for so long, but now Fergus is officially a son to Jamie and Claire. There are certainly no arguments and the smile on Fergus’ face tells everyone it’s just what he needed to hear.



With the two married, it’s time to get back on the Artemis and sail to find Young Ian. Jamie is not leaving without his nephew, regardless of the danger in Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Claire is eating the turtle soup that Mr. Willoughby has made her. As she gets drunk on it, Jamie brings her the penicillin she needs. That cut on her arm that Mr. Willoughby stitched up has become infected and she needs to use the penicillin now. Jamie helps, but is unable to stab Claire in the thigh with the needle, showing that he can’t even hurt her to save her life.

With the medicine administered, Claire is able to seduce her husband in their cabin and it’s time for the infamous turtle soup scene. While they start having sex, Mr. Willoughby knocks on the door to find out if Claire needs any more turtle soup. By the end, a small smile on his face lets viewers know he knows exactly what the two are up to in their locked cabin.

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Were you happy the turtle soup scene was added at the end? Did you find Fergus being officially taken in by the Frasers sweet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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