Outlander Season 7, Episode 7 recap: The First Battle of Saratoga

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

William fought in the First Battle of Saratoga in Outlander Season 7, Episode 7. Meanwhile, Jemmy was taken, but who by and why?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from Outlander Season 7, Episode 7.

We have a lot going on in the world of Outlander. In the 20th century, Bree and Roger need to understand how Buck MacKenzie is in their time. What happened in the events after the Battle of Alamance?

In the 18th century, we see the First Battle of Saratoga take place, and it’s clear that not everyone will make it out alive. War changes people, and that’s something William experiences firsthand.

How is Buck MacKenzie in the future?

At the end of the previous episode, Roger immediately recognized Buck. We didn’t because of the change of actor, but those who read the books knew what was coming up.

It turns out that Buck and Morag left the Colonies after the Battle of Alamance. Morag’s brother needed a secretary, and Buck was a lawyer, so he can read and write. Off they went back to Scotland, and then Buck ended up falling through the stones. He’d spent time around Lallybroch at first as he figured out what had gone on.

Like Claire, he had no idea that he had traveled through time. Once he knew that, he wasn’t really sure what to do next but found Roger. Recognizing him as the man from Alamance, he stayed close by but he wasn’t originally trying to get caught by the MacKenzies.

This is when Buck learns a lot more about who he is. Roger tells Buck that Roger is his six-times great-grandfather. He also eventually shares that Buck’s death is recorded as 1778. That’s the year Buck came through the stones. Either Buck doesn’t make it back, or he makes it back only to die soon after. Buck isn’t sure if he wants to go back now, but he is slowly coming to terms with the fact that his wife and children are long dead in this time.

What does Rob Cameron want in Outlander Season 7, Episode 7?

The conversations with Buck are cut short with Rob Cameron just showing up to dinner. Roger invites the man in, but he wants to get rid of the man as soon as possible. Poor Buck is in the priest hole.

Rob and Bree talk about work after dinner. Rob does a great job of connecting, but it’s clear that he was up to something when Roger left Rob in his office with the Reverand Wakefield’s hymnals. The box of letters had been moved.

However, Roger didn’t notice everything at first. It was only the next night when Jemmy was supposed to go to the movies with Rob’s nephew and then have a sleepover that everything happened. Mandy woke up from a nightmare saying that Jemmy was gone. Mandy could hear the stones and that’s where Rob had taken Jemmy.

It turns out that Rob had read some of the letters. Roger also works out that he knew all about time travel based on the book that Roger was writing. Buck and Roger speed toward the stones in the hope that Rob and Jemmy are still there. Buck asks about all the people who Roger has met who can time travel, and that brings up Geillis. Did Rob read about a blood sacrifice potentially being needed and use Jem as that blood sacrifice?

There is nobody around the stones, but Jemmy’s Tufty Club badge and scarf that he got from school is there. Is it possible that Jemmy has gone through the stones with Rob? That’s what Roger and Buck believe.

The First Battle of Saratoga is hard on William

Meanwhile, in the 18th century, everyone is getting ready for a battle. It turns out that General Howe isn’t coming to help after all. Captain Richardson is going out with letters and he needs William to go too. William refuses not to fight in the battle and makes that clear to Brigadier Fraser.

Well, it’s time for William to fight in his first battle. He and Sandy Hammond spend a lot of time together, and you just know what that actually means. Sure enough, Sandy is shot in the head at the very start of the battle as William is telling Sandy that there is a woman named Rachel who has his heart.

It’s an immediate hard loss for William. Brigadier Fraser pulls William back into the action as more British are killed by the American forces. The battle comes to an end with multiple casualties. As the British dig a shallow grave, William makes it clear that it needs to be deeper. He refuses to allow any of his soldiers to be buried in graves that will be dug up in the night by animals. He even takes his coat off and digs with the soldiers, something that Fraser watches.

Fraser sees William later on. It’s clear that William is a changed man after everything that he’s witnessed.

While all that was going on, Jamie was on the other side of the battle. We end the episode with him laid face-down on the ground among dead bodies. What’s happened to Jamie? Will he survive?

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