Outlander Season 7, Episode 5 recap: Bree is trapped in a tunnel

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Bree gets trapped in a tunnel and Young Ian meets someone special in Outlander Season 7, Episode 5. Here’s a recap of the events.

Outlander Season 7 is not disappointing at all. In the latest episode, we got to see Jamie try to convince a French officer that the British had a way in, Bree remained calm in a scary situation, and Young Ian learned a huge secret he didn’t know was being kept from him.

Meanwhile, Claire dealt with a surgeon who, once again, didn’t believe that she could do the job simply because she was a woman. She did get to meet Denny Hunter, though, who makes it clear that the two will continue working together.

Bree gets trapped in a tunnel in Outlander Season 7, Episode 5

Brianna starts her first day of work during the episode. That’s not before she and Roger read the next letter after Bree gets emotional while Jemmy and Mandy are playing in the family graveyard. It’s a hard day at work for Bree, though. It’s clear the men don’t respect her as a woman, and they go as far as trapping her in the dam at the end of the work day.

Bree remains calm in the tunnel. She’d remembered the schematics of the place, so when she came to a fork in the road, she knew the way out. However, she comes across something that seems like a portal through time. Well, it’s a leyline.

For those wondering why she didn’t tell Roger, it is possible that the entire situation played on her mind too much to remember it.  It’s also possibly a conversation that happens off-screen. I don’t even remember them talking about it in the book, so there’s that. A lot happens off-page in the books, and I do find it a flaw in the writing.

As for Roger, he learns that Jemmy was clipped and had the strap on his hand due to speaking Gaelic in school. It’s the 1980s in the Highlands. They were trying to wipe out the use of Gaelic back then. In fact, it’s not really come back although you will see road and train signs in both languages. Roger is angry at the school for the situation.

He does tell Jemmy to pick up his “rubbish.” That isn’t Jemmy’s trash outside, though. It belongs to the nuckelavee, who Mandy sees through the window at the end of the episode. Who is this nuckelavee? That’s for another episode, as this episode was focused on Bree making it clear she belongs where she works.

Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Young Ian meets his son

There is a surprise in the episode. Young Ian is sent to visit the local Mohawk tribe to talk to someone and encourage the Mohawk to join the American cause instead of the British. Ian doesn’t really want to go for personal reasons, but he doesn’t have a choice.

So, he turns to Claire to find out if there’s anything wrong with him. Why couldn’t he and Emily have a child together? Claire points out that there are a range of medical reasons, but it’s got nothing to do with Ian’s spirit. She acknowledges that miscarriages and stillbirths happen a lot, and women simply don’t talk about it that much.

Ian is able to head to the tribe with some sort of peace. Of course, he comes across Emily, who is shocked to see Ian there. Emily admits that she is happy and that she has a son and a newborn daughter. Ian asks to meet her son, and while she gives an odd look, she agrees to it. This little boy with blonde curly hair runs over and he shares that he is of Ian’s spirit. At least, that’s what his grandmother says.

Sure enough, this boy is Ian’s son. The show has opted to make this very clear while the book keeps this part vague. There isn’t a DNA test, of course, but Emily believes that this little boy is Ian’s son. She asks him to give the boy a white name for when he walks in the white world, and Ian chooses Ian James.

Ian is able to go back to Fort Ticonderoga with some peace. He comes across Rachel Hunter there, and he tells her that she has her protection.

The Hunters and William head to Fort Ticonderoga

Of course, we’d left the Hunters and William further south. The three travel north together since they’re going to the same place, although fighting on different sides. William tries to point out that Denny isn’t all that much of a pacifist considering he uses the bodies of executed criminals to learn on, but Denny and Rachel refuse to be pulled into the argument of religion. They don’t even argue William’s beliefs.

Along the way, they come across a man who tells them that they’ve come the wrong way to get to their location. This man offers his and his wife’s hospitality, and you just know he’s a little too eager to have people visit.

After serving them rat stew and complaining about the lack of food due to the war, the couple attacks the Hunters and William during the night. William had woken up with stomach problems due to the stew, so he’s able to help save the couple by killing the man. The Hunters believe the woman should be allowed to live and let her fate be in God’s hands.

After this, the three go their separate ways. The Hunters head to Fort Ticonderoga, and William heads to rejoin the British in New York.

Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 — Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Jamie and Claire handle the Fort Ticonderoga situation

Jamie sees that there’s a hill that the British can attack the fort from. Of course, those in charge aren’t willing to listen to him. Claire describes the situation as something similar to how Japan took Singapore during World War II, and Jamie decides that he needs to show that it’s possible to get a canon up the hill and fire at the fort.

It doesn’t work the way Jamie hoped in that the officer doesn’t change his mind. The officer should have done, though. That night, the British go up the hill and the Americans have no choice but to leave the fort.

Inside the fort, Claire had been helping the patients. The surgeon didn’t believe Claire could do the job, and it’s Denny who helps her cement her knowledge. They discuss what to do for Walter Woodcock, a Black soldier who has an injury to his foot that has turned gangerous. The surgeon wants to amputate below the knee, but Denny has realized that there are some compacted veins and an amputation above the knee is the only option. Claire ends up agreeing with Denny and wants boiling water for the saw.

The surgeon refuses to have his put in boiling water, fearing that it will affect the metal. Denny has brought his own supplies and is more than happy to follow Claire’s suggestions. Sadly, Walter’s stitches are too fresh when it comes to getting away from the fort so he can’t come with them. Claire gives him a bottle of laudanum, telling him not to take too much. Is this a hint that he could spare anything bad from the British if he needs to?

Jamie and Claire get out of Fort Ticonderoga by boat with a lot of others, including Ian, Denny, and Rachel. Where will they end up?

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