Outlander Season 7, Episode 6 recap: Roger finds something to do

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Roger has been a little adrift in the 20th century, but he finds his passion in Outlander Season 7, Episode 6. He also finds out who the nuckelavee is.

In the latest episode of Outlander Season 7, we get to see Roger find something to do in the 20th century. He has been a little lost since returning, but now he gets to help continue the Gaelic language for those in the 1980s.

Meanwhile, Claire is taken by the British. It’s up to Jamie and Ian to save her…again. Could William help out now that he’s back with the British Army?

Claire is taken by the British in Outlander Season 7, Episode 6

Jamie, Claire, and the others who escaped Fort Ticonderoga end up sailing downriver. As Jamie and Ian go out to take care of the British soldiers who are pretending to be Indians, Claire goes off in search of Mrs. Raven. Mrs. Raven is suffering from shock, and she is terrified of being taken by the Indians. She won’t let that happen, and she kills herself in front of Claire.

That gunshot alerts the British, who find Claire and take her. When she gets back to Fort Ticonderoga, she’s put in a pen with all the other prisoners. They’re not classed as prisoners, though, but traitors. Claire realizes that those who were left in the hospital are now outside in unsanitary conditions without food and water.

One of those is Walter Woodcock. While his leg is healing well, he’s struggling to breathe. Claire realizes that he’s suffering from a pulmonary embolism. She tries to help him, but he dies.

While there is no help for Walter, there is some help for Claire. Ian is able to get in pretending to be one of the Mohawk. The Mohawk have joined with the British, and Ian can use that to his advantage.

Also there is William, who recognizes Claire immediately and is shocked to find out that she’s a rebel. William immediately makes it clear that he doesn’t trust Richardson, who explains that the only way to know where battles will take place is to correspond with the other side. The “rebels” the letters were for are actually working with the British. Or are they?

William helps Claire in the little ways that he can, and is even willing to believe that Ian is on his side at first. Then he remembers that Ian is Jamie’s nephew. If Claire is a rebel, so is Jamie. That means Ian is too. William realizes that Ian is there to rescue Claire. Since Ian saved his life, William is willing to let Ian leave but not with Claire. In the end, Ian convinces William to allow Claire to escape too. It takes some arrows from Jamie to create a distraction, and Ian and Claire are able to use that with help from William about the best place to get out of the fort.

Jamie wants to know more about his son

Jamie had wanted to go into the fort himself, but Ian knew that would be a death sentence. After helping Ian and Claire get out, Jamie runs through the forest to find them. Claire immediately tells him that it was William who helped, and Jamie wants to know more about his son.

Also, while out hunting, Jamie comes across Colonel Daniel Morgan, the leader of a bunch of snipers. When Daniel sees how well Jamie can shoot, he wants Jamie to join him. Claire is happy about that as it means Jamie is away from the main battle. Jamie also notes that he can’t leave for Scotland just yet. He needs to fight in this war for his family.

The two have a chance to talk about why women don’t start wars. Jamie notes that women leave a lot more behind than men. They leave behind future life, so he thinks they’re not made for war. Jamie also notes that he’s not afraid to die. He has children and grandchildren out there.

Roger finds his place in Outlander Season 7, Episode 6

We don’t get to see much of Bree in the latest episode. She starts off sharing about the portal that she saw in the tunnels, only that it wasn’t a portal. Bree and Roger theorize that it’s all linked to the stones and they’re leylines.

After that, the storyline is focused on Roger. He decides to go into the school to talk about Jemmy being punished for speaking Gaelic. Well, it turns out it wasn’t quite the fact that it was Gaelic but the colorful words he used to describe his teacher. Those words could only come from Jamie!

The headmaster realizes that Roger knows Gaelic and is passionate about keeping the language and the history alive. The headmaster offers Roger a chance to teach a class, and that’s just what he does in his kilt (because Bree knows that’s the only option). After a wonderful class, Roger meets Rob Cameron, who is there with his nephew.

While Roger had been sharing books, Rob notes that there was a book that didn’t belong there. Sure enough, it’s Roger’s book about time travel. Rob says that it’s some great sci-fi and he’d love to read the novel, but how did that book get there in the first place? There’s no way Roger would mess up like that, is there?

This whole scene ends with Roger agreeing to do another class. He’s been adrift for some time, but he’s found his place again.

However, the end of the episode is back at Lallybroch. While listening to Scottish music and putting things away around the house, Roger sees someone looking through the window. He chases the man only to stop in his tracks shocked at who he’s looking at. This is this mysterious “nuckelavee,” but it’s clear Roger recognizes him. Roger punches the man, and that’s where we leave it.

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