25 Days of Claire-mas introduction post (Day 1)

Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 1 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

If it wasn’t for Claire Fraser going through the stones, we wouldn’t have Outlander. In the countdown to Christmas, we’re celebrating Claire-mas.

Two years ago, we enjoyed 25 Days of MacBree-mas. That was a chance to celebrate everything Brianna and Roger. This year, we’re focusing on a different character—arguably the most important character.

It’s all about Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser. If it wasn’t for Claire, we wouldn’t have a show. She needed to go through the stones to meet Jamie Fraser. Since then, she has certainly been on one hell of a journey.

25 Days of Claire-mas explained

Throughout the course of the month, we’ll bring one post per day that is all about Claire. There will still be the book posts throughout the month, and there will always be other posts about other characters on the site and later in the month. We just want to dedicate a post a day to the brilliant woman who is Claire Fraser.

You can get all the posts below. As they’re added to the site, we’ll add them to this introductory post.

Everything will run until Dec. 25, Christmas Day. If you want to get an idea of what to expect, here’s Day 1 of MacBree-mas.

We’re looking at both Book Claire and Show Claire. The two are different, and that’s not just in the writing of them. Caitriona Balfe brought her own style to Claire that the books don’t have, and of course, the Claire in the books is the one talking to Diana Gabaldon.

This does mean there will be spoilers for those who haven’t read all the books. I try to be mindful of those who remain show-first fans, but this can be difficult. After all, the books have been out for many years, so spoiler warnings don’t really count. The only book I try to avoid spoilers for is Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone, but that has been out for more than a year now, so we’re getting past the point of spoiler warnings. That being said, I’ll try to make people aware if it’s a book-aimed post over a show-aimed post.

25 Days of Claire-mas posts

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Day 1: The introduction post (this one!)

Day 2: Who is Claire Fraser?

Day 3: Who is Claire Fraser married to?

Day 4: In defense of asking for one year

Day 5: In defense of Claire wearing Frank’s wedding ring

Day 6: Are Claire and Laoghaire related?

Day 7: Are Claire and Fergus related?

Day 8: Are Claire and Marsali related?

Day 9: Are Claire and Master Raymond related?

Day 10: How many children does Claire have?

Day 11: Are Claire and Geillis related?

Day 12: How long were Claire and Frank together?

Day 13: Do Claire and Lord John Grey get married?

Day 14: How could Claire leave Brianna behind?

Day 15: How did Claire know Roger?

Day 16: Did Claire search for Jamie in Outlander?

Day 17: Why is Claire’s hair color important?

Day 18: Could Claire have ever saved Ian Murray?

Day 19: Why doesn’t Claire like Rollo at first in the books?

Day 20: 5 best Claire lines so far

Day 21: 5 best Claire moments so far

Day 22: 5 signs you’re a Claire Fraser

Day 23: 5 perfect gifts for Claire

Day 24: All the reasons Outlander fans love Claire

Day 25: Why Claire doesn’t mind Jamie calling her Sassenach

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