25 Days of Claire-mas Day 22: 5 signs you are Claire from Outlander

Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/STARZ
Outlander Season 3 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/STARZ /

On the 22nd day of Claire-mas, we’re taking a look at what makes Claire her in Outlander. These are signs you’re the Claire to someone’s Jamie, too.

There are always those quizzes online where you look at which character you are. You have to answer some of the strangest questions to get the answers a lot of the time. But deep down, we know which character we are, especially when it comes to Outlander.

We look at our personality traits and compare them to the characters on the screen. Are you a Claire? These personality traits suggest you are.

Claire-mas Day 22: Are you a Claire Fraser?

You’re resourceful

You don’t need to be a military nurse to be resourceful. There are other ways you will have picked up this skill. It wasn’t even the military where Claire really picked it up right away. It was her time with Uncle Lamb.

Claire had to know how to live off the ground at times. She had to know the best way to cook on an open flame. Her skills came in handy when it came to living in the 18th century.

If you have similar skills, you’re likely a Claire. Would you survive a trip through the stones?

You’re stubborn

Outlander always talks about how Jamie and Jenny are stubborn. It’s a Fraser trait, right? Well, it’s also Claire. She doesn’t always take no for an answer. When she has her mind set on something, she wants to do it.

Is that you? It’s okay to admit you’re stubborn. It’s been viewed as such a negative trait (especially in women) for so long, but it’s sometimes the way we get things done, right?

You’re caring

Claire can’t go a day without helping someone. If she sees a person with a medical issue, she wants to be able to treat them. She wants to make life easier for those around her, even if she doesn’t really like that.

Are you caring? Do you want to help the sick, even if you’re not able to? This trait certainly makes you a Claire Fraser.

You’re passionate

Claire may be nearing 50 in time for Claire-mas in the TV series, but that doesn’t take away the passion for Jamie. Nor does it take away the passion for life overall. This is a woman who loves her man, and she will show that in the best way she knows how.

Hormones do play a part in this. If you’re not quite as passionate, don’t worry about it. That doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner as much as Claire.

You’re driven

Claire grew up in a time when women were starting to gain equal rights. The Second World War certainly helped things as she proved she was needed. In the ’50s, she pushed on with a medical degree, even though the men in the room doubted her. There’s many a time when Claire’s drive pushes her to do things.

Maybe this is the same as stubbornness at times. However, drive is something that leads us to be who we want to be and achieve great things. Those things aren’t always career. You could be driven to motherhood or to raise animals. You’re still driven, and you’re still a Claire.

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