25 Days of Claire-mas Day 19: Why doesn’t Claire like Rollo in the Outlander books?

Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ
Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ /

On the 19th day of Claire-mas, we look at why Claire doesn’t initially like Rollo in the Outlander books. Don’t worry; he grows on her.

When Rollo is first introduced in Drums of Autumn, Claire isn’t the biggest fan. This is nothing against Rollo. He is a very good boy and extremely loyal to Young Ian. However, if you asked Claire, she wouldn’t have wanted Rollo around.

The TV series doesn’t include this aversion as much. That’s because the reason Claire doesn’t really like Rollo is skipped from the TV series. It wouldn’t make sense to add the aversion in the show when there’s no back story to support it.

We know Claire warms up to Rollo eventually, though. He is loyal, and he does protect when needed. What’s not to love about him?

Claire-mas Day 19: Why Claire doesn’t like Rollo at first in Outlander

The reason stems from events from the first Outlander book. When Jamie is initially sent to Wentworth Prison, Claire manages to get in. Things go pretty much the same way as they do in the show, with Black Jack Randall agreeing to allow Claire to go free for Jamie’s word that Black Jack will get what he wants.

Claire ends up in the pit of various dead bodies, but she doesn’t just get to run straight back to Murtagh or the other MacKenzies. She has to get through the outskirts of the prison, which is where she runs into a wolf.

Claire is forced to protect herself from the wolf rather than allow it to kill her. She does well, but it is a traumatic event.

Of course, Rollo is part wolf. He looks the part, and that look brings back memories of the attack. Claire is wary of Young Ian’s dog because of the wolf that’s in him. We just get to see this half-wolf end up being one of the loyalist members of the family. He really is a very good boy.

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