25 Days of Claire-mas Day 23: 5 perfect gifts for Claire in Outlander

Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ
Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ /

On the 23rd day of Claire-mas, we take a look at some gift ideas for Claire Fraser in Outlander. Could these be perfect for the Claire in your life?

If you’re on the hunt for gifts for the Claires in your life still, this post may be for you. Even if you’re ready for the holidays, this post is just for a bit of fun. We’re looking at some of the perfect gifts characters have already gotten her or probably should get her in the future.

These are going to be based on the events and Claire’s personality in the TV series. There are some subtle differences to the personality in the Outlander books. By the way, a hat is definitely not something to buy for Claire!

Claire-mas Day 23: The perfect gift list for Claire in Outlander

Anything related to medicine

It could be a medicine box, some herbs that she needs, or even a new scalpal. Getting Claire anything medically related is perfect. It isn’t surprising to hear that characters have gifted her these types of items in Outlander—both show and books. Gifting her something she’s passionate about and is useful to her is the way to her heart.

Some much-needed tea

The Boston Tea Party has happened in the TV series now. Even Roger has mentioned that tea is scarce. So, it’s time to get Claire some tea-related items.

Claire hasn’t mentioned all that much that tea is better than coffee, but she is English and was raised by an Englishman. She was also married to Frank, who made sure there was tea in the house. Sometimes, you just need this one drink to bring back some pleasant feelings of the past, and there’s a chance tea will do that for Claire.

Knitted hand warmers

While the summer is hot in North Carolina, there are still some cold winters. Claire will still need some warmth, making knitted hand warmers the perfect gift for her this Claire-mas. Some materials can be difficult to come by, so she’ll certainly look after any pair that you give her.

A beautiful gown

Claire doesn’t wear a lot of gowns, but she does have reason for them now and then. The problem is that materials are so costly in the 18th century. Just like so many others in the past, Claire tends to reuse the same gown over and over again. Doesn’t she deserve another one? Look out for darker colors as they are easier to maintain and keep clean than lighter ones, meaning the dress will last longer.


Claire likes to read. We’ve seen that time and again throughout Outlander. It’s time she got another book or two to read when she gets a chance. You can get her books from all sorts of time periods, but try to stick to something from around the 18th century. It will just help to prevent questions about her reading material. She’s been accused of witchcraft too many times.

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