25 Days of Claire-mas Day 21: 5 best Claire moments in Outlander

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

On the 21st day of Claire-mas, we take a look at Claire’s best moments from the six seasons of Outlander so far. This wasn’t easy to do.

You know when you get an idea and think “this will be fun” and it turns out to be really difficult? This is one of those times. This post was certainly fun to put together, but it took me down a rabbit hole of some of my favorite Outlander moments.

I’ve tried to gather moments from the earlier seasons and the later ones. These are about Claire—how she’s reacted, the care she’s shown, or the way she’s connected to people. Here are my favorite Claire moments from Outlander so far.

Claire-mas Day 21: Claire’s top moments from Outlander

When she listened to Fergus

There are times that Claire will go into a situation a little bull-headed. She knows experiences from the modern world and tries to push those experiences onto the people of the 18th century. However, in Outlander Season 6, she showed her willingness to listen to those with lived experiences.

Fergus was terrified of what could happen to Henri-Christian after realizing he was a dwarf. Claire knows that dwarves can have good and healthy lives, but Fergus knows something different. He’s seen what life is like for many dwarves, and he doesn’t want that for his son.

Trying to save Malva’s baby

Despite everything she felt for Malva, Claire was able to put her feelings to one side for the baby. Not everyone would have been able to separate the two, especially after waking up from an drug-induced sleep.

Yet, Claire saw Malva dead. There was a chance the baby was still alive, and she tried to save the child. It didn’t work, though, and we saw how devastated Claire was at losing an innocent life.

Being there for Marsali on her wedding day

In Outlander Season 3, there’s a moment for Claire that stands out for me immediately. I had to include it on this Claire-mas list. It’s when Marsali is getting ready for her wedding to Fergus.

Claire didn’t like Marsali at first—and the feeling was mutual. Yet, their journey across the seas and the ability to see how much Marsali did care for Fergus made Claire warm up to her. And Marsali even warmed up to Claire. We get this moment where Marsali turns to Claire for advice, and Claire is more than willing to be a mother figure to the girl.

Telling Jamie about Frank

I go all the way back to the second episode of Outlander for this one. It’s when Claire and Jamie are at Leoch and they’re in front of the fire.

Claire breaks down, telling Jamie that Frank is dead. She doesn’t tell Jamie the full truth, but we can sense this feeling of grief and fear in Claire. Out of everyone, it’s Jamie she feels comfortable enough to break down around, making it clear that he has always made her feel safe.

The wedding night

Okay, there’s no way at all that I can’t include this. It’s not for all the reasons people would likely think. As awesome as their wedding night is, I adore the way that Claire needs to warm up to the idea of consummating the marriage.

She knows she has to, but that doesn’t mean she wants to. She isn’t just going to accept it and hope for the best. Instead, she is open and honest with Jamie. She wants to get to know him first. It looks like her stalling at first, but it’s more about her feeling comfortable, and I love that she has the confidence to do that. A lot of women wouldn’t.

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