Droughtlander TV shows: Check out Cursed on Netflix


Cursed on Netflix could be great to get you through a bit of Droughtlander

As we sit in Droughtlander, we’re on the lookout for TV shows that will help us get through. Netflix is a popular place to turn, and it’s got a great series for fans of the Arthurian legend. Cursed is something Outlander fans will want to consider.

The series is set in old England, in a world with the “fay.” They’re a mixture of creatures, with some able to pass as human and others that look different. Of course, humans are scared of and threatened by the fay, so decide they want to hunt them down and make them extinct.

This leads to young Nimue (pronounced “Nim-Way”), who is tasked by her mother to take a special sword to one man: Merlin. This Merlin has lost his powers and seems to be working with humans, but there’s clearly more to his story. And I’m not going to share anything more than that because the story is worth speculating about and watching play out throughout the series.

Nimue meets a young King Arthur

Merlin definitely isn’t the only person from Arthurian legend. Nimue very quickly meets a young Arthur—who may or may not be destined to become King Arthur. Get all thoughts of this honorable king out of your head, though. Arthur is a sellsword among other things, focused on getting his family’s honor back.

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Of course, there are others along the way from the tale. Get ready for Morgana, Gawain, and even young Percival to show up.

There are also enemies. Not only does Nimue have the Red Paladins looking for her, but there’s one who senses people like her. The Weeping Monk may be her greatest foe. That is if Merlin is the person she believes he may be.

Actors you will definitely recognize

When it comes to British TV shows or TV shows that use a lot of British actors, you’ll find that there are a lot of familiar faces that pop up. Let’s not even think about Katherine Langford as Nimue, who you’ll recognize from 13 Reasons Why or even Gustaf Skarsgård from Vikings.

There is an Outlander actor thrown in. Clive Russell plays the leader of the Tusks, but you’ll recognize him as Lord Lovat from Outlander. You’re used to seeing Lord Lovat as a selfish man who plays the game. That’s not the case for Wroth the Tusk Commander.

This is a man who wants to see the fay protected, but he also wants to protect his own kind more. It puts him at odds, but don’t make an assumption about this character until you get to the end of the season.

There are a few other actors that will stand out from other TV shows. I haven’t spotted any others from Outlander, but I’ll admit that I wasn’t purposely looking out for them unlike with Carnival Row.

Magic, action, and much more

There are various storylines happening at the same time, but they’re all set to converge at the end. Whether it’s the fay’s fight for survival, the Paladins looking to destroy them all, or the fight over the throne, there is plenty of action happening to keep you entertained.

There’s also a love story developing. Oh yes, it’s between Nimue and Arthur. Does that make Nimue Guinevere? I’ll leave you to see how it all unfolds. After all, Morgana is Arthur’s sister and a nun, but she’s evil in the Arthurian legend!

Of course, there’s the magic. It’s a fantasy world that involves plenty of building and creation. You’ll find yourself mesmerized at times.

And there is plenty of character growth, especially when it comes to Nimue, Arthur, and Morgana. What you think you know doesn’t quite work out. Which side will everyone join when it comes to the big fight?

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What are you watching to get through Droughtlander? What do you think of Cursed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Cursed is streaming on Netflix.