5 Outlander actors in Carnival Row Season 1

Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Jan Thijs / Amazon Prime Video
Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Jan Thijs / Amazon Prime Video /

Did you know that there were five Outlander actors with big roles in the first season of Amazon’s Carnival Row? Here’s a look at who they were.

If you’ve been watching Carnival Row on Amazon Prime Video to get through Droughtlander, you’re not alone. There are certainly some familiar aspects, one of those being the fabric used for clothing. A crossover of actors will also be something you notice.

There are five Outlander actors who have popped up in the first season of Carnival Row. With the magnificent costumes and headpieces, some of them you’ll have to glance twice or thrice. Here are the five actors to look out for.

Andrew Gower

Andrew Gower is the most obvious one and I’m sure many of you, like me, were waiting for him to say “Mark me.” Yes, Bonnie Prince Charlie played Ezra Spurnrose. If you missed it, watch the series again. While it’s not from Gower, there is a “mark me” thrown in there.

It looks like Gower will be back for the second season. No confirmation as of yet, though.

Tracey Wilkinson

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Mrs. Graham had a fairly important role in the series. She was the housemaid at the Spurnrose house. So, yes, Mrs. Graham was connected to Bonnie Prince Charlie. Who would have thought it?

Tracey Wilkinson’s Carnival Row character is called Afissa. She’s a puck born in the Burgue and finds herself in an undesirable position in the end. There’s a high chance she’ll be back in Season 2.

Ian Hanmore

You’ll recognize Ian Hanmore in Outlander as the monk Claire gave her confession to. He was a monk I could respect, just listening to the confession and knowing that God would understand it all. Many of you will also recognize him for his role as a warlock in Game of Thrones.

In Carnival Row, he played another monk in two episodes. This time, he was one at a boy’s home, where lead character Philo grew up.

Carnival Row
Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Jan Thijs / Amazon Prime Video /

Wil Johnson

Did you spot Joe Abernathy in Carnival Row? Don’t worry if not. This was one of the easiest ones to overlook thanks to costumes and accents. Wil Johnson kept his natural accent instead of adopting a U.S. one for Carnival Row.

He was the puck butcher who happened to be a surgeon in his own country. He’s only in one episode, but it’s worth looking out for him!

Sam Hoare

Finally, Lord Hal Melton was in an episode. Yes, Lord John Grey’s big brother appeared in just one episode of Carnival Rowand you probably wouldn’t have liked him.

He was Leslie Boythorne, who was mostly there to remind us that it’s not so easy to change opinions of people. He quickly turned his nose up at the idea of a puck having money.

There was a director too!

And we can’t overlook those behind the cameras. Carnival Row saw an Outlander director for two episodes. Anna Foerster was behind the camera for Episodes 3 and 4, but you’ll know her best for her work on the earlier episodes of Outlander. She directed “The Wedding,” “Both Sides Now,” “Wentworth Prison,” and “To Ransom a Man’s Soul.”

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What did you think of Carnival Row? Did you spot the Outlander actors? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Carnival Row is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.