Carnival Row: Could Andrew Gower return for Season 2?

Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Jan Thijs / Amazon Prime Video
Photo: Carnival Row: Season 1.. Image: Jan Thijs / Amazon Prime Video /

Carnival Row has already been renewed for a second season. Could Outlander’s Andrew Gower return for Season 2? Here’s what happened to his character.

Andrew Gower played Ezra Spurnrose in Carnival Row Season 1. While there wasn’t a “mark me” from him (there was from another character connected to his storyline!), he did still instill some of the petulant, spoiled characteristics of his Outlander characters.

I’m sure you’re wondering if it will be possible for Gower to return to Carnival Row Season 2. The second season has already been confirmed, so it will depend on how things ended for Ezra. There are spoilers for the Carnival Row season finale in this post if you’re not caught up yet.

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Ezra didn’t get that much development throughout the first season. He wasn’t the focus in his storyline, so that’s not all too surprising. It was only towards the end that he started popping up more, as he learned that his sister had feelings for the Puck living next door.

As a human, he was naturally disgusted by the “critch” (the slur term for the Puck) living next door. However, Ezra put personal feelings aside for business because he needed the money. Things changed when he caught his sister with the neighbor.

Ezra grabbed a gun and threatened to kill Agreus Astrayon. His sister, Imogen, managed to knock the gun away, allowing Agreus to attack to keep them both safe. Naturally, that meant Agreus would lose everything for his attack on a human. Of course, the police would believe whatever Ezra’s story would be.

So, did Imogen kill her brother? Did Agreus kill out of fear for his life and freedom? Certainly not!

Agreus and Imogen got away on a ship, just before the city was closed down to prevent all fae from leaving The Burgue. Ezra could just watch from the docks with wounded pride.

There are high chances that Andrew Gower will return for Carnival Row Season 2. He was billed as a series regular for Season 1 and there’s most definitely a storyline for him. After all, do we really think that everything is over for Agreus, Imogen, and Ezra?

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What did you think of Carnival Row? Do you hope to see more Andrew Gower in the second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Carnival Row Season 1 is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.