The Gathering 2024: What’s included in the Craigh na Dun tier?

Sasnak City: The Gathering 2022 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Sasnak City: The Gathering 2022 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

The Craigh na Dun tier is the cheapest option at Sasnak City. You’ll still get some great additions in the tier at The Gathering 2024.

If you want to attend an Outlander convention but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, Sasnak City offers a tier for you. It’s all about the Craigh na Dun tier, which is the cheapest option at $745+tax. There is an installment plan if you need that to help afford the ticket.

While it is the cheapest ticket, there are still plenty of things included in it. Take a look at everything you’ll get throughout the four-day event.

What’s included in the Craigh na Dun ticket at The Gathering 2024?

The ticket includes access to all four days of the event. The first day is actually registration and the welcome party. It’s not a day with the cast members, but it is a great chance to see fellow Sasnak City attendees who you may not have seen for the whole year!

There is access to all the panels that take place throughout the weekend, the Saturday night party, and the ability to purchase event tickets and meet and greets. You’ll also get lunch provided on the two full days of the events, as long as you’re part of the Attendees Facebook Group to put your order in.

What other items are included for The Gathering 2024? Well, you’ll get one autograph with all cast members at the event. This is except the Bonus, Special, and Surprise Guests based on their contracts.

There are four solo photos included. The cast members are determined by Sasnak City closer to the dates of the event. You will be able to purchase other photo ops throughout the weekend, though, so don’t feel like you are missing out. All photo ops will take place on the Sunday this year.

Yes, you will be entered into a drawing for prizes. The prizes are:

  • Entry into Cross Creek Luncheon on Sunday (1 winner)
  • Group photo with all guests (1 winner)

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Head to the official Sasnak City website to get your tickets from Friday, Dec. 1.