Clan Lands has morphed into something bigger, no longer a podcast

Photo: Sasnak City 2019.. Image by Alexandria Ingham
Photo: Sasnak City 2019.. Image by Alexandria Ingham /

Looking forward to the Clan Lands Podcast? Well, things are changing as it’s morphed into something much bigger than ever originally planned.

Many Outlander fans are excited for Clan Lands Podcast. Whether it’s because two outstanding Outlander actors are involved or it’s because everything is about Scottish history, it doesn’t matter. We just can’t wait to see Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish’s world come to life.

However, it’s no longer going to be a podcast. During Sasnak City 2019, McTavish shared that the thing that started as a podcast plan has taken on a life of its own. In the end, he and Heughan filmed footage and they wanted to do something with that footage. It’s grown into a TV show.

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That’s certainly going to be exciting for fans. Sure, it’s fun to listen to all things Scottish on a podcast, but we get to see two of our favorite men back on screen together.

Details of the TV show aren’t known yet. It’s still not clear whether it will be an hour-long production or if the episodes will be 20 or 30 minutes in length. However, it sounds like the guys are looking for a streaming service because there is more freedom in the episode lengths that way. Plus, they want to make sure the world can see the episodes.

This is where the production is right now. McTavish and Heughan are working on securing a platform for releasing the episodes. Then the episodes will need to be cut and worked together for telling the various stories they learned.

Sadly, it does mean no podcast, but Clan Lands has certainly become something bigger than it originally intended to be. And McTavish is still working on This Guest of Summer at the same time. Both are very busy men!

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What do you think about the development of Clan Lands? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Clan Lands is still slated for a spring or summer 2020 release.