The Couple Next Door is not coming to STARZ in September 2023

The Couple Next Door -- Courtesy of Channel 4 / Toon Aerts
The Couple Next Door -- Courtesy of Channel 4 / Toon Aerts /

As we work through Droughtlander, we need other shows to help us. The Couple Next Door could have been a great series for Outlander fans this month.

There are a few shows that we use to help us get through Droughtlander. We often turn to anything with an Outlander star in it, so finding out that The Couple Next Door would come to STARZ was exciting.

The bad news is the series is not on the list of new arrivals this month. We double-checked the list, but it’s definitely not there. It won’t help right now during Droughtlander, but could it help us later?

When will The Couple Next Door come to STARZ?

Don’t expect the British psychological thriller series just yet. While the show will arrive in the fall in the UK, U.S. and Canadian viewers will need to wait until 2024.

There isn’t a set release date just yet. The good thing about the fall release date in the UK is that it means the show is ready, though. We could get it in early 2024, helping us to get through the last bit of this current Droughtlander. STARZ may want to be strategic with the show, though, releasing it after the run of Outlander Season 7B episodes.

We won’t get to know the plans until much closer to the end of the year. At least the current strike action in Hollywood isn’t going to affect the show. Sam Heughan and other actors may not promote it on their social media pages or do many press tours to stand in solidarity of the SAG-AFTRA union right now, but that could come to an end soon if a deal is reached and the SAG-AFTRA actors go back to work.

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The Couple Next Door will come to STARZ in 2024.