Sasnak City: What makes the Blue Mountain House Tipples and Nibbles worth it?

Photo: Sasnak City 2019.. Image by Alexandria Ingham
Photo: Sasnak City 2019.. Image by Alexandria Ingham /

The Blue Mountain House Tipple and Nibbles event at Sasnak City is available for all to purchase a ticket until sold out. Here’s what makes it worth it.

There’s a lot going on at Sasnak City. Whether it’s the Meet and Greets, the photo ops, or even the VIP lunches, it could be easy to become overwhelmed by the events happening. Something you may overlook is the Blue Mountain House Tipple and Nibbles.

The Saturday night event is included in the Lallybroch package. However, you can also purchase a limited number of extra tickets, and it’s something that you’ll definitely want to consider. This is a chance to get to know the cast and your fellow Sassenachs a little better.

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During the event, you’ll be sat at tables of 10 people. Then an extra seat is pulled up for the cast members. You get one cast member at a time for about 10 minutes or so, allowing them time to chat and for you to ask questions.

The cast members’ seat is moved around the table, making sure everyone gets to sit next to a cast member at least once. In some cases, you’ll sit next to two cast members depending on where the seating starts.

There are a few rules, including no photos allowed while the cast is present. This isn’t the time to get selfies, but there are so many other times that this is available throughout Sasnak City, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

Photo: Sasnak City 2019.. Image by Alexandria Ingham
Photo: Sasnak City 2019.. Image by Alexandria Ingham /

Personally, it felt a little like a press room roundtable, but a lot less formal. I’m used to chatting to cast members in five- or 10-minute stints, but others aren’t. It’s important to remember that there are nine other people at the table who have questions they’d like to ask to get to know the cast better.

Of course, some of the cast members have their own stories that they’d like to tell. They want to get to know the fans at the same time. While discussions about the personal lives are off the table, if a cast member brings it up then you’re allowed to join in with that discussion.

The only thing that I would suggest is that you eat something before going to the event. The food on offer is small, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve got something on your stomach after a long day at the convention.

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What was your favorite part of Sasnak City? What did you think of the Blue Mountain event? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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