Is a new episode of Men in Kilts on tonight? (September 8)

Men in Kilts Season 2 -- Courtesy of Geoffrey Short/STARZ
Men in Kilts Season 2 -- Courtesy of Geoffrey Short/STARZ /

For the last four weeks, we’ve joined Sam and Graham on a trip around New Zealand. Will there be a new episode of Men in Kilts tonight, Friday, Sept. 8?

We are more than ready to see Sam and Graham get up to more antics in New Zealand. We have some bad news, though. There is not a new episode of Men in Kilts on tonight.

Oh, is this when the show takes a week off before airing more episodes? We have some bad news. The previous episode was the Season 2 finale. That means there are no more episodes to come.

Wait, the finale? There have only been four episodes! This season was originally planned to have six episodes but things changed, potentially due to the pandemic. Only four episodes were created in the end.

When will Men in Kilts return with new episodes on STARZ?

We are now in a bit of a waiting game for the series. As of right now, Men in Kilts hasn’t been renewed. It hasn’t been canceled yet, either.

There is a chance that STARZ wants another season. However, there will be talks about where that season could go and how many episodes there could be. The fact that this series was cut to four episodes and we had such a long wait between seasons isn’t great. Now it all depends on how many people watched the show and whether it was enough to warrant another season.

If there is a third season, we’d love to see Sam and Graham head to somewhere else connected to either Scotland, Outlander, or one of the two of them. There are some great options out there, including a road trip around North Carolina where the Frasers have moved to in the world of Outlander. Maybe a trip to where Fraser’s Ridge could be could be in order.

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Men in Kilts is available to stream on STARZ.