Outlander Season 3, Episode 4 ratings: A look back at the heartbreaking episode


Outlander Season 3, Episode 4 is one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the season, if not the series. Here’s a look back at how the ratings held.

One of the strongest episodes of the whole of Outlander Season 3 has to be Episode 4. Titled “Of Lost Things,” this was one of the most heartbreaking episodes of the season, if not the entire series. Just how did the episode hold up in terms of the ratings?

Can you believe that it aired on this day two years ago? It doesn’t feel that long since we felt Jamie’s heartbreak as he rode away from Helwater, never looking back at his son calling out for him.

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According to TV Series Finale, the episode lost a small percentage of its demo. However, it would gain a small percentage of its audience from the previous week. Fans were clearly getting ready for the all-important reunion between Claire and Jamie.

Small fluctuations aren’t that uncommon for any TV show. Within a few percents is normal and could even be considered steady by the networks. And we’re got ot remember that these are just the live + same day ratings for the cable channel. STARZ doesn’t release its app viewership, which is often much higher.

We know that “Of Lost Things” is one of the strongest episodes of the season, even if it has one of the most debatable moments. This is one episode that many fans will turn to in a rewatch, especially when they want to see Sam Heughan prove that he deserves awards recognition. It’s also an episode to turn to hen you need more Lord John Grey and to see that bond between the two men.

With the timeline inching closer to the end of the 20 years for both Claire and Jamie, we knew the reunion was coming soon. It wasn’t surprising the viewership started to increase.

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