Outlander Season 3, Episode 4 recap: Jamie faces more heartbreak

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Jamie’s years at Helwater were covered in Outlander Season 3, Episode 4. Meanwhile, Claire’s search for Jamie begins.

After three episodes of seeing Claire’s story of her 20-years away from Jamie be told, we finally caught up with the Outlander Season 2 finale. It was time for her, Brianna, and Roger to start their search into the HIghaldner Jamie Fraser in the hope that they’d find him somewhere.

Meanwhile, Jamie’s story still needed to be told. Outlander Season 3, Episode 4, titled “Of Lost Things,” told his story while at Helwater. It told of the love he gained while there (no, not Geneva) and the loss he suffered at the very end to get him where he would need to be for Claire to find him.

As before with the recaps, you can read my original Outlander Season 3, Episode 4 recap here. This is a look back after watching the episode again. This was, by far, one of my favorite episodes of the season and it remains that way even now.

Claire starts her research

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For Claire, it’s all about the research. Claire has figured that time passes between the two timelines the same. It would be interesting to see the actual take on this since Geillis clearly went to an earlier time from a later time, but that’s way off track from the storyline.

During the episode, Claire, Brianna, and Roger get started in the research for Jamie. They find him at Ardsmuir Prison and follow him through the years. However, they come across a stumbling block. Shipping information about the prisoner ship to the Colonies isn’t available, which means they don’t have the information they need to find out where the ship went.

While we know that Jamie never went to the Colonies, they don’t. Claire believes Jamie is lost to her forever.

However, she does get the pearls back that Jamie gave her on their wedding night. She’d given them to Mrs. Graham, who had passed them down to her granddaughter, Fiona. Fiona offered them back to Claire now that she knew who they belonged to.

Meanwhile, Brianna worries about Claire leaving her. If Claire finds Jamie, Claire is likely to leave. Brianna will be left alone. Of course, she feels terrible for even thinking that, but it’s an understandable fear–one that is then touched on in the next episode.