A Discovery of Witches the reason for no Midhope Castle filming for Outlander?

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES -- Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/SKY Productions/Sundance Now -- Acquired via FerenComm PR
A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES -- Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/SKY Productions/Sundance Now -- Acquired via FerenComm PR /

Midhope Castle filming for Outlander Season 5 had to be canceled. It turns out that A Discovery of Witches may have been the reason why.

While nobody has come on to confirm that this is definitely the case, it looks highly like A Discovery of Witches was the reason Outlander filming at Midhope Castle had to be canceled. It is all about the beard Steven Cree had grown for his new role.

When announcing that the filming at Midhope Castle was canceled, we learned that one of the actors had a beard for another role. No names were mentioned, but fans immediately suggested that Steven Cree was the one with the beard. Why couldn’t he shave it off? Because he needed it for another role—a role that had presumably already started production on.

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It turns out that role is likely Gallowglass in A Discovery of Witches. After Sky One announced a series of new cast members, including Outlander‘s own Ian Murray Steven Cree, the actor quickly took to Twitter about growing a beard. It’s become a common theme on Twitter now between some of the Outlander cast members, the A Discovery of Witches Twitter, and Cree.

The lack of filming at Midhope Castle isn’t exactly going to cause a problem for the fifth season. We don’t head back to Lallybroch in “The Fiery Cross,” so the theory was that some invention was being used to keep the Murray family involved in some way—likely through the use of showing what’s going on when reading letters.

There may be problems in later seasons, but there’s no point worrying about that just now. Let’s just celebrate that our Outlander recurring actors are getting great roles in other productions. Can we assume that it’s our show helping to make sure they’re clearly on the map?

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What do you think about Steven Cree’s role in A Discovery of Witches? Would you have liked to see Ian Murray back in Outlander Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

A Discovery of Witches Season 2 is currently filming and will be released in 2020. Outlander Season 5 will be released on Feb. 16, 2020. Like us on Facebook for the latest updates on the shows and cast.