How could Outlander head to Lallybroch in Season 5?

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /

It looks like Outlander is heading to Lallybroch in Season 5. This would be a change to the novel storyline, so how is it possible?

Outlander Season 5 filming is heading to Lallybroch. This suggests that there’s going to be a big change to the novel, “The Fiery Cross.” How could Claire and Jamie head back to Scotland this season?

Let me start by saying that there’s no proof that Claire and Jamie are heading to Scotland. We know filming is taking place at Midhope Castle next month, but that doesn’t mean the Frasers are going to be there. This could be filming for other characters.

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Whoever is involved, there needs to be a change to the novel storyline. The fifth book doesn’t head back to Scotland, although there are storylines set in Scotland in other books. Rather than a change to storyline, it’s highly possible that the show is combining the books.

Combining books is something that the show has considered doing for some time. With a multi-season renewal, combining certainly does make sense. It’s possible to create more of a TV show story arc, pulling elements from multiple books that combine together. While books get away with the ups and downs in pace and sometimes jumping between scenes, TV shows work better with one bigger story arc, especially the episodic length of Outlander.

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This could certainly mean that Claire and Jamie head back to Lallybroch. There are moments in the books that involve Jenny, but Laura Donnelly has said that she may not return to the series. The show adapted the storyline for Brianna at Lallybroch with Ian and Laoghaire, so we could see more adaptions like that if Claire and Jamie return.

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There’s also the chance that these Scotland storylines involve Brianna and Roger. There are future storylines that see one or both at Lallybroch at particular times, which could be combined into Season 5.

Then there’s the possibility that the filming is for some sort of flashback. We know that flashbacks are likely to be used for Claire in Boston in 1968, so could we see more of Claire at Lallybroch? With four weeks there instead of just one day, this is unlikely and probably part of a bigger episodic storyline, but you never know!

My other thought is that this is for an Outlander Untold segment. It would seem strange to film this while the fifth season filming is ongoing, but it could help with scheduling of the actors and keep costume changes and set changes to a minimum. This could also be the only time that the producers can get Midhope Castle for filming.

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Why do you think the producers are heading to Midhope Castle? What could Season 5 offer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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