Don’t worry about Sweetbitter and The Rook future decisions Outlander fans!

The Rook -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Room
The Rook -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Room /

As Outlander fans, we tend to look at what the network is doing with other TV shows. The Rook and Sweetbitter haven’t been renewed yet, but don’t worry!

It’s common to look at what a network is doing to other shows to determine the future of your own favorite. That’s something many of us do when it comes to Outlander. We want to see the chances of renewal based on decisions of other STARZ Originals.

There are two shows currently with open fates that may concern some Sassenachs. Both The Rook and Sweetbitter are yet to be renewed after airing their season finales on Sunday.

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Both shows, like Outlander, are female-centric. They’re designed with the female audience in mind. So, it’s natural to worry about how the fate of one of these shows could affect our own.

But I urge you not to think about it too much. Just because a network looks to get rid or renew one show don’t necessarily affect our own. Sometimes it will. If Power was canceled purely because STARZ wanted to bring in a wave of new shows, I would have worried about Claire and Jamie’s future on the premium cable network. However, Power ended on its own terms and that’s a huge difference.

The Rook and Sweetbitter just aren’t in the same league that our own show is. It’s sad but true. Just looking at the live ratings from Nielsen shows us that the shows don’t get the same live audience. There will be more who watch through the app during the week, but the live ratings are a good initial indication.

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Plus, the shows all serve a slightly different audience. The Rook was for those interested in a thriller, while Sweetbitter is a dramedy. Our own show is an adaptation of one of the world’s most popular book series. There’s no point comparing them because they all service something and someone different.

STARZ wants to aim its shows to the “premium female audience.” That term may annoy some, but it’s the marketing term used by the network. The network gets the data and interprets it. Whatever reason people tune into Outlander (and for some it will be Jamie’s looks, while for others it will be the intelligent storylines and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with either), the show clearly works. Whatever happens to Sweetbitter and The Rook, don’t worry about the fate of our show, Sassenachs.

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Did you watch The Rook and Sweetbitter on STARZ? Do you follow other shows on the network to see what could happen to our show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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