Why Sweetbitter’s renewal is great for Outlander

Photo credit: Sweetbitter/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Sweetbitter/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Sweetbitter was one of two new shows that debuted back in March. It’s also the second of those two shows to secure a second season renewal, which is excellent for Outlander‘s future.

While Outlander may already have a renewal for Seasons 5 and 6, we’re always looking ahead. After all, if each season follows one book, there are going to be four books (once Diana Gabaldon has written them) to adapt. We need four more seasons. How can Sweetbitter getting a second season order be good for our series?

Well, it’s all in the viewing figures. We don’t get to know what the Starz subscription figures are, but we do get a look at live + 7 day ratings from Nielsen. Claire and Jamie certainly have one of the most loyal followings on the network. Ratings went up in the third season by almost 50%, which is completely against the trend for most shows. However, there’s always the concern that the ratings will go down.

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This is where Sweetbitter viewing figures come into play. They give us an idea as to what’s acceptable for the network. Unlike Claire and Jamie, the following isn’t strong–even compared to the very first season. The series pulled in 0.164 million people and a 0.06 in the demographic on average, according to TV Series Finale.

This is compared to the 1.04 million and 0.26 in the demo that Outlander Season 1 pulled in. To put that figure into perspective of Claire and Jamie’s growth, Season 2 saw 1.088 million viewers and 0.22 in the demo and Season 3 saw 1.512 million and 0.32 in the demo.

Image credit: Vida/Starz — Acquired via Starz Media Room /

The Sweetbitter renewal wasn’t that surprising off the back of the Vida renewal. This show only saw 0.130 million and 0.04 in the demo on average.

We get a rough idea of what Starz is looking for in terms of live figures. Of course, being a network with a subscription app, it doesn’t rely on the live figures as much but they do play a part. But the renewal of the two new shows are certainly a powerful indicator of what our show needs to keep achieve to remain a staple on the network.

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