Outlander Season 4 episodes ranked from worst to best

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Outlander Season 4 is one of those seasons that has fans divided. Here’s my ranking of the episodes from worst to best.

It’s clear that Outlander Season 4 has left fans divided. As more characters come into the story, the attention is taken solely off Claire and Jamie. There are episodes some fans loved that other fans hated.

This isn’t a case of book vs. show fans, either. Fans within those groups are divided on their thoughts of the episodes. In a way it’s surprising, but it also shows just how diverse this fandom is. And I respect those differences.

We all have things that we like and dislike. All I ask is for respect for others when sharing those opinions. Allow everyone to share their thoughts.

With that in mind, it’s time for me to delve into my Outlander Season 4 episode ranking. I do this with every season. Sometimes, after a few rewatches my opinions change. Usually, it’s some of the episodes in the middle rather than the best or the worst.

Here’s a look at the episodes I disliked to loved (I never say hated unless there is nothing good that I could pick out) in that order. I also share my reasons for my feelings.

13. Episode 1: America the Beautiful

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This is one of the episodes that received the lowest grade for me out of each of the episodes. As much as I wanted to love the Season 4 premiere, I really couldn’t. There were some moments that stood out in good ways — I loved the foreshadowing of Claire’s ring being taken and the talk between Claire and Jamie about how he could never give her anything more than the ring — but overall the episode was disappointing.

This was an episode I watched a few times. I got to see it at NYCC and immediately took a dislike to various elements. I thought it was just my feelings after missing out on the first part of the episode because of how late press had been allowed into the panel, but those feelings didn’t go with a second watch. So, it was clear that I just didn’t like the episode.

The ending was the most disappointing for me. Use music and take away the voice sound, fine. But using a 20th-century song over the 18th-century scenes took me out of the moment completely.