Outlander recap: What happens when Jamie and Willie go hunting?

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Lord John Grey appears at Fraser’s Ridge in Outlander Season 4, Episode 6, bringing Willie along with him. When he comes down with measles, Jamie and Willie head out on a hunting trip.

In an episode that was fully set on Claire and Jamie’s story, Outlander Season 4, Episode 6 brought Lord John Grey and Willie back. Claire and John had a chance to speak honestly, while Jamie took Willie out hunting to protect him from the measles.

It was an episode of emotions. Young Willie — sorry, William as he prefers to be called now — slowly remembered who Mac is, while Claire and John had the chance to clear some of the air. Are they on friendlier terms now? And what about Murtagh now that he knows the truth about Willie?

Lord John Grey arrives

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The episode opens with John showing up at Fraser’s Ridge. It turns out Jamie had written to him, so he decided to see the place on the way to Virginia. Yes, it’s a big detour but it was worth it. John even brought Willie along.

And there is a bittersweet reunion. Willie, who Claire and Murtagh found at the creek with leeches on him, was shocked to learn that everyone already knew his father. At first, he didn’t recognize Jamie as Mac, but when Jamie spoke to one of the horses everything came back to him.

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After an eventful dinner talking about taxes and the Regulators (Murtagh wasn’t happy about John’s view), Murtagh called Jamie out on being friends with a Redcoat. That’s when he realized there is more to this relationship and it’s all about Willie. Of course, Murtagh will keep the secret and he’s happy to hear that Claire knows the full truth.

Off Murtagh goes, which is just in time as Lord John Grey comes down with the measles. Jamie, who had measles as a kid so knows how dangerous it is and is also now immune, takes Willie out hunting for a few days. Claire, who is vaccinated from the disease, stays to help Lord John Grey to survive.

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Truths are revealed

And it’s as the two parties are separated that truths start to come out. For Jamie, it’s learning more about who Willie is now. Willie is angry that Jamie didn’t tell him right away that he’s Mac, but that is quickly forgotten about when Jamie teaches him fishing tricks and they have success while hunting deer.

One night, Willie’s emotions show as he makes it clear that he’s scared John will die. This is the only parent he has left. At least, so he believes. His birth mother died while giving birth to him and Isobel died on the journey to Jamaica, which is why John and Willie are heading to Virginia. Willie is angry at the world and I can’t really blame him.

Meanwhile, Claire learns more about John’s relationship to Jamie, including the fact that Jamie offered himself to John in return for looking after Willie. Of course, John admits he didn’t take Jamie up on the offer. He’s an honorable man.

However, John also admits that he’s jealous. Claire offers Jamie something that John had never been able to offer Isobel (or gain from Isobel); true satisfaction and happiness. Then, Claire shares that she’s jealous of John. While Claire and Jamie have a daughter, Culloden robbed them of the chance to raise her together. John got that time with Jamie.

While Claire was cold at first, it was understandable. She’s bitter about being apart from Jamie for 20 years and understandably jealous that John got that time. I’m glad this whole scene was added in because it was necessary to flesh out this story.

Outlander — Acquired via STARZ PR
Outlander — Acquired via STARZ PR /

Jamie tells Willie he is Willie’s dad

Out hunting, Willie doesn’t respect the boundary between Fraser’s Ridge and the Cherokee land. He ends up taking fish from the Cherokee land and the warriors show up to take blood.

In this moment, Jamie shouts out that he is Willie’s dad. Willie’s blood is his blood. Once the initial shock from Willie dies down, he believes that Jamie said it as a way to protect him and clearly doesn’t believe that Jamie has said the truth. Willie steps forward to take the full blame, saying that Jamie isn’t his father.

That show of strength and bravery means the Cherokees warriors show mercy. They cut Willie’s hand instead of killing him and then leave. Jamie and Willie are able to leave.

That’s when Willie brings up something about Helwater. Why didn’t Jamie look back when Willie ran after him? Jamie admits that he didn’t want to give false hope.

It’s not surprising that as John and Willie are leaving once John is no longer contagious or on Death’s Door that Willie is the one who does look back. He offers hope to Jamie that they will see each

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Overall, it was a beautiful and necessary episode. While some will say it’s a filler, it’s possibly because there was more drama expected. This episode wasn’t about the drama but about the connections between the characters and the honesty. That was drama within itself but does show expectations for a TV show and why sometimes drama needs to be written into each episode.

What did you think about Claire’s honesty? Did you love Jamie and Willie’s time to bond? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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