Did Jamie only oppose slavery because of Claire in Drums of Autumn?

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We’ve still got some time for this conversation to happen in Outlander, but Drums of Autumn makes it clear Claire wasn’t the only reason Jamie opposed slavery.

While we look at the 18th-century world with 21st-century glasses and oppose slavery, the same can’t be said for most of the characters in Outlander. Claire is deeply against slavery due to her 20th-century lifestyle, but what about Jamie? We’re still waiting for the full conversation in the series, but “Drums of Autumn” makes it clear that being against slavery wasn’t just because of his wife.

It’s important to remember the life Jamie has led. The show didn’t focus that much on it, but in “Voyager,” we spent a lot of time on Jamie’s time during the 20 years of separation. During that time, he became an indentured servant while on parole during his time at Helwater. In a sense, he was a slave but with a few extra rights than the people of color in the Colonies.

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In “Drums of Autumn” chapter 16, Claire and Jamie have a chance to discuss Jamie’s view on slavery. He makes it clear that he feels against it just as much as Claire. This isn’t the conversation that has occurred yet in Outlander, but it’s one that really should be in the series. Hopefully, the writers have kept it in.

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Claire needs to know that Jamie’s views aren’t just because of her influence. It’s an easy assumption to make, after all. Jamie makes it clear that he knows what it’s like to live as an indentured servant. He actually says “I have lived as a slave, Claire,” before explaining that he’d never want a man to look at him in the way he’s looked at his owners in the past. He doesn’t want the ill-will and hatred.

Young Ian, on the other hand, will be influenced by those around him. He’s another man ahead of his time, progressive in his nature. He has the utmost respect for the Native tribes and is kind towards all people regardless of color. However, his views aren’t from experience but from the experience of others.

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Did you realize why Jamie would be against slavery? Are you glad that it’s not linked to just Claire’s views? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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