#TT: Jamie Fraser’s transformation over the 20-year separation in Outlander

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room

Jamie and Claire both went through significant transformations during their 20-year separation, which affected the way they reconnected years later. Here’s a look at Jamie Fraser’s transformation for this #TransformationTuesday.

At the end of “Dragonfly in Amber” and Outlander Season 2, Claire and Jamie found themselves separated. This remained like this for 20 years, as Claire was certain Jamie had died at Culloden. However, Jamie survived but it wasn’t an easy life. Throughout Outlander Season 3, we watched his events unfold over the course of 20 years to see the sort of man he would become.

On this #TransformationTuesday, it’s time to delve into Jamie Fraser’s transformation over the 20 years. The changes affected Jamie and Claire’s relationship in future years. They were never going to be what they originally were.

That longing and hope

Jamie believed he had lost everything that mattered to him. While he laid on the battlefield after the failed battle, he wanted to die. He was certain Claire was in the future and safe; their child would be born and live a happy life. So determined he was to die that he wanted Hal Grey to kill him by suicide squad.

Against his wishes, he was saved. Throughout most of those years, he lived with the loss of two children and a wife; the loss of what could have been. For a brief moment, he allowed himself to hope. There was that moment at Ardsmuir where he allowed himself to believe that Claire was alive and back for him. Of course, he was disappointed by Claire not being there and returned ready for his punishment.

All that hope had devastated him further. He threw himself back into that longing and the feelings of loss.

While his friendship with Lord John Grey and fathering William gave him something back, they were both taken away from him. He left Helwater a free man but with nothing left.

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