Outlander Season 4, Episode 3 sneak peek: Why Claire won’t go to Boston

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Jamie and Claire are making their home together. Why is it that Claire doesn’t want to head to Boston? Find out in the Outlander Season 4, Episode 3 sneak peek.

There are plenty of places in the Colonies Claire and Jamie could go to start their home together. While we all know that Fraser Ridge is built in North Carolina, many fans (especially those who haven’t read the books) could be wondering why they’re not heading north to the New England territories. The Outlander Season 4, Episode 3 sneak peek explains more.

Let’s consider the fact that the north was more progressive when it came to slavery and owning people as property. Considering Claire’s and Jamie’s views, you could understand why they’d consider moving north. Of course, just because they live in the south doesn’t mean they have to buy slaves.

Well, the north does still have its fair share of problems. During the Outlander Season 4, Episode 3 sneak peek from Elle Magazine, Claire points out that the trouble starts brewing in Boston. Everyone has heard of the Boston Tea Party after all!

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Considering everything the Frasers have been through, it’s not surprising that Claire wants to stay away from Boston. She knows she’s going to get pulled into the Revolutionary War, but that doesn’t mean she wants to deal with being in the center of it like she was at Culloden. The south has its issues and does get involved, but the north is where a lot of the trouble starts.

Also, just because she knows Boston in the 1940s-1960s doesn’t mean she knows it now. It’s going to be vastly different and she may want to avoid it.

Plus, what if being there messes with time in some way that’s negative for Brianna in the future? Could Frank find some sort of evidence that Claire and Jamie were there, leading to Claire never going to Boston in the 1940s? Time travel causes headaches and it’s probably best not to go down the rabbit hole.

In the end, Claire says she wants to build a life together with Jamie. It’s time for them to set some roots and where better than North Carolina? They’re close enough to family but far enough away to avoid political issues with them.

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