Could Outlander Season 5 see a slight change to Lord John Grey’s storyline? [Spoilers]

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David Berry is a loved actor by the Outlander fandom. Could this mean a slight change to Lord John Grey’s storyline in Outlander Season 5?

Outlander Season 5 writing has begun and will be based on “The Fiery Cross.” It’s not clear whether it will also include some of the stories from the next novel, “A Breath of Snow and Ashes.” If it doesn’t, it could mean a slight change to Lord John Grey’s storyline is in order.

David Berry, who plays the character in the TV series, is loved by the fandom. Very much like Duncan Lacroix, fans want to see him on their screens. This could encourage the writers to make a couple of minor changes.

As it would look, there are spoilers in this post for those who haven’t read the novels. I don’t go into too many details and a lot of this is speculative, but they’re still minor spoilers.

Why would Lord John Grey’s storyline need to change?

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In “The Fiery Cross,” Lord John Grey is only mentioned or included through letters. Willie is the one that shows up with a package for the Frasers from the loyal friend and Redcoat.

This would mean no David Berry in Outlander Season 5. While the show could certainly stick with the book, it would be disappointing not to see Lord John Grey on our screens. It would certainly be disappointing not to see David grace our screens.

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When the showrunners were faced with the possibility of losing Duncan Lacroix, who plays Murtagh in the series, they opted to make a big change. Instead of Murtagh dying on the battlefield in Outlander Season 3, the showrunners saved him and Murtagh is now somewhere in the Colonies.

The showrunners wouldn’t need to do anything as drastic as this to allow David Berry to show up. Instead of Willie bringing the package, Lord John Grey could accompany him too. This would need some changes to the storyline, but it wouldn’t be too difficult for talented writers and showrunners.

Another way to change the storyline

If the package idea doesn’t work, then Outlander Season 5 could see Lord John Grey show up for another reason. During “The Fiery Cross,” Jamie is bitten by a poisonous snake and almost dies. He needs to recover and it’s plausible that someone (Brianna, perhaps?) could write to John to explain.

John would be shocked and scared to find out that the love of his life is injured and nearly died. The showrunners could add John showing up at Fraser’s Ridge to make sure Jamie is safe from the worst of it. He could then leave satisfied of the recovery, not messing up too much in the timeline.

In fact, John being there would fit in with the feeling of the events around Jamie’s recovery. It’s in this that everyone in the family and on the Ridge come together. They have their own parts to play to save Jamie’s life and prevent the amputation of his leg. John would also play a part in that as a close friend.

This would allow the fans to get some David Berry on their screen without major changes in the future.

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Do you think Outlander Season 5 will change Lord John Grey’s storyline slightly? Should they keep it the same? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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