Outlander series premiere recap: 5 thoughts after rewatching

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

I’ve rewatched Outlander multiple times. As it’s the anniversary of the Outlander series premiere airing, it’s time to do another recap of the series. Let’s take a look at five thoughts after rewatching yet again.

Opinions about books and shows change the more you read or watch them. That is certainly the case with Outlander. At least, it is with the TV series. The more I rewatch the episodes, the more moments I notice. As it’s the anniversary of the Outlander series premiere (well, it was yesterday), it’s the perfect time to take another rewatch of the series.

While rewatching the Outlander series premiere yet again, there are some bits and pieces that I picked up on. I’ve picked up on them before, but the more I watch, the more meaning they have. This is especially the case now that I’ve read the books (I’m a show first fan and make no apologies for that).

With that introduction in mind, here are my five thoughts after rewatching the series premiere once more.

5. The first two seasons were completely foreshadowed

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There are many moments throughout the first two seasons that are foreshadowed in the very first episode. One of the most important moments is the bit about the Duke of Sandringham. I know the first time I ever watched the premiere, I’d missed the point Frank and Reverend Wakefield talked about the duke.

However, the reverend brings up that the Duke of Sandringham died under mysterious circumstances. We know now what those mysterious circumstances were, but this was the moment that foreshadowed Claire would be a part of those circumstances.

Considering the talk of Jacobite rebellions, Black Jack Randall, and the tea leaves, it would have been very easy to completely overlook this. In fact, it is easy to overlook it.

There were other moments foreshadowed, but none that quite stood out as that one. The tea leaves do stand out but they were put there very purposeful and clear. Others were more winks to those who had read other books.