5 reasons Outlander fans will want to watch Mary, Queen of Scots

MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS -- Photo via Focus Features
MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS -- Photo via Focus Features /
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Terry Dreshach, Outlander Season 4
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4. There are some amazing costumes

Just looking at the promo, you can see how much work has gone into the costumes. One thing that history fans didn’t like about The CW’s Reign, which was based on the same Scottish queen, was the costume department. It was all about pretty dresses that certainly weren’t historically accurate. Outlander has always gone for accurate costumes and it looks like Mary, Queen of Scots has too.

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There’s even the accuracy of the wig that Elizabeth I wore. She was an extremely vain queen, especially after her bout of smallpox. It’s going to be exciting to see many more beautiful, accurate, and amazing costumes.

3. Outlander locations have been used

Mary, Queen of Scots should be set in Edinburgh Castle for much of it, but that’s not the case. And you can tell from the trailer. However, there’s something interesting for Outlander fans. The movie is set in some of the Outlander locations!

Mary’s Meanders had shared back in 2017 that some of the locations would be closed off for filming. Mary, Queen of Scots and Outlaw King were both named, with exact dates given for filming at specific locations. By the way, Outlaw King stars Steven Cree and is about Robert the Bruce!

One of the most iconic Outlander filming locations in the new movie is Blackness Castle. It was used as the garrison Jamie had to storm with an unloaded pistol to save Claire from Black Jack Randall.