Outlander Season 4 filming: It’s a wrap for Marsali

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

Cesar Domboy may have already wrapped Fergus’ scenes, but Lauren Lyle has only just finished Outlander Season 4 filming. Today is a wrap for Marsali.

Outlander Season 4 filming is still ongoing. There are eight days of filming left for many of the cast. That doesn’t include Lauren Lyle, who finished filming today. It’s a wrap for Marsali for the season.

This is interesting for many since Cesar Domboy had already finished filming. This suggests that there will be a few scenes of Marsali without Fergus, which will be exciting for those who grew to love the character in the third season. After all, she’s an independent young woman who will do everything she can for love, even if it means running away thousands of miles from home.

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There are already going to be changes for Fersali in Outlander Season 4. The third book ends without Fergus and Marsali leaving Jamaica because of Marsali’s pregnancy. That didn’t occur in the third season, so Fersali will be in the Colonies with Claire, Jamie, and Young Ian. Now there are questions about what this means for their story, including whether Marsali’s pregnancy will be written in at a later date.

It’s not likely that the pregnancy will be completely written out of the series. However, Ron D. Moore had previously said there would be timeline shifts. The events book fans expect to happen will be there but in a different order, so maybe the pregnancy will come later.

You can see the video shared from the last day on set. It’s got nothing to do with Outlander and everything to do with Lauren Lyle’s love for fruit!


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