Behind-the-scenes Outlander photo released: See Richard Rankin in possible costume

Richard Rankin (Roger Wakefield), Sophie Skelton (Brianna Randall) - Outlander Season Four / Photo from STARZ Media Room
Richard Rankin (Roger Wakefield), Sophie Skelton (Brianna Randall) - Outlander Season Four / Photo from STARZ Media Room /

Outlander has shared a behind-the-scenes photo of filming on Twitter. It’s possibly a chance to see Richard Rankin in costume.

With just days left of filming, we’re taking anything we can get from the Outlander social media team. This week, it’s a photo of Richard Rankin and showrunner Matt B. Roberts. While there could be a joke about Roger getting his first look at 21st-century technology (time traveling to the future now?), this is really a chance to possibly look at Rankin in costume.

Caution: There are spoilers in this post from “Drums of Autumn.”

It’s not clear when this photo was taken. Sure, it’s been shared while the team is working on the series finale filming, but there’s a chance that this was taken earlier. After all the clothing Rankin is wearing look a lot like the clothes in the promo image of Roger and Brianna released earlier this year.

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This costume is likely from the 1960s/1970s storyline in Outlander Season 4. Considering “Drums of Autumn’s” storyline, it’s highly likely that the image was taken from earlier in the filming. This would be when Brianna and Roger are still together in their present time before factors cause both of them to travel through the stones.

Considering the work that Claire did to prepare herself for the trip to the 1760s, there is no way Roger and Brianna would travel back without the same preparation. As a historian, Roger would want to do his research for the time that he’s travel to so that he can blend in better, especially considering he’d be going back as a MacKenzie.

While this is just a behind-the-scenes photo of Outlander Season 4 filming, it’s always fun to see what the cast and crew are up to. We don’t get much of an insight of what’s going on, but we get to know that everyone clearly loves working on set and there are plenty of exciting storylines to come.

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