Will we see Joe Abernathy in Outlander again? [Spoilers]

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Outlander Season 3 introduced us to Joe Abernathy. Now that Claire is in the past, will we get to see him ever again?

Joe Abernathy is in the novels far more than the TV show and it’s a shame. What we did see of him in Outlander Season 3 was brilliant. He spoke his mind, helped Claire when she needed advice, fighting against the racial prejudice of the 1950s and 1960s. With Claire in the past, is this it? Will we never get to see Joe again?

If it’s not clear from the title, there are spoilers in this from “Drums of Autumn” and beyond.

Will Joe Abernathy return in Outlander Season 4?

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It’s not possible to say that he will definitely return. All we can do is look at the source material to see if he shows up there. It’s possible that the writers will have adapted the books slightly so Joe doesn’t have a reason to appear again.

In “Drums of Autumn,” Joe certainly does return. Brianna and Roger remain in the 1960s for some time before Brianna learns of her parents’ fates and decides to go back in time. Joe is there for her, as he was always around when she was growing up. While Brianna is left without parents, she has an adult who cares for her and just wants the best.

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Joe helps Roger locate Brianna

In “Drums of Autumn,” Roger turns to Joe when Brianna goes missing. The two work together to figure out that Brianna has decided to go through the stones. Yes, by this point in the story, Joe knows all about time travel and believes every word of it. He also knows that Brianna’s biological father is Jamie Fraser.

This certainly helps later in the future. Brianna and Roger (and their children) do a lot of passing through the stones. Much more than Claire did, anyway. Joe is the one person who helps them to acclimatize to the modern world each time. It would be a shame if Outlander didn’t keep him in the series knowing all that.

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Do you hope to see Joe Abernathy in Outlander again? Which moments with him do you love the most? Share in the comments below.

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